Saturday, April 26, 2008

a day on lifetime....

Well, my day of hibernation is winding down.  I am going to head off to bed.  I thought about spending my day cleaning up the house so I could enjoy a clean house for at least a day before the boys can home...  But then changed my mind.  Thought about getting dressed and going to pick up my dry cleaning and go buy a new shower curtain...  But then changed my mind.   Thought about getting dressed and going to watch Jake's lacrosse team play their game this after...  But then changed my mind.  Jake isn't there so decided against it.   Thought about going to play poker at Angie's, but then got watching Lifetime movies....  and lost track of time. (She knows how I like to watch Lifetime....) I set up the card table in the living room and turned on Lifetime while I worked on some projects for upcoming webisodes.  Today must of been natural disaster movie day.  First it was a volcano, then an earthquake in New York, then sink holes in New Orleans, a plane crash and then finished off the day with tornadoes in Seattle...  Even caught up on my Survivor with On Demand.  But now it is past 11:30 and I need to call it a day.  I stayed in the pjs all day!  And may even do it again tomorrow...  Nothing like just hanging at home....

Til next time!

Friday, April 25, 2008

simple pleasures...

The littlest of simple pleasures bring me so much joy... The thermastat is set at the perfect temp... Dinner will be made when I am ready for dinner... Dinner will be what I want.... I can stay in my pjs as long as I want (oh better go get those on...) and the toilet seat is always down! So can you tell I am home alone? Took Tom and the boys to the church and they are off for the campout. So from now til about 3pm Sunday - I am on my own...

So hope you all have a great weekend - I am hibernating....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

follow up from MRI

Well, I went to see the neurologist today for a follow up to my MRI..  Looks like everything is normal.  There are no signs of MS - mostly what he wanted to rule out - and no signs of a tumor.  So that is good news.  I asked him what is wrong with me then - he said I was crazy...  I like this guy - he has my sense of humor.  Anyway, but it can be stress related, but he wants to see what the blood work results were that I had and he may order some other kinds.  I don't know what is really going on but two of the big fears were crossed off the list.

Now off to take Jake for haircut and then to tutoring.  One more sleep and I am on my own for the weekend!

Til next time.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

finally a little good news...

The lacrosse drama is over!!!  It is official tonight that our team has merged with another small team in the league.  We have a set practice and game schedule, have enough players to finally not have to worry about subs, and a consistent coaching staff.  That ........... coach, if he can even be called that, has been dismissed and our boys are finally with two guys that are just awesome.  I was so proud of Jake tonight.  He is not an aggressive kid and he likes to just play defender.  He doesn't have to carry the ball in that position - he can just mess with the guy that has the ball and jab him with his stick...  Boys with sticks....  Anyway, tonight, he went for the ball, got it, and ran off with it.  He was right in it through the whole practice.  

I feel pretty good about this.  I stood up for my kid where as I would probably not of said anything before.  Just figured it was part of the sport.  I kept with it and helped make something happen.  So I am thrilled it finally is settled.

But now, it is time to just call it a night.  Standing out in the wind and rain, I am wiped.  Getting a sore throat and I just don't have time to get sick.  Tom and the boys are going to be gone on a campout this weekend - I can't spend my home alone time - sick!  So going to make me some tea, throw in a load of laundry and head to bed...

Have a good night!
Til next time....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

just a quick hello...

Well, good evening, or morning, or whatever time of day it is...  Looks like about 1 am - so just thought I would drop in for a quick hello.  Not up to much more than that right now.  Not much new news from here...  Well, we did have to reschedule Lucas' surgery.  The doctor needed to go out of town for a family emergency.  So it is now scheduled for May 7th.  The drama with lacrosse continues.  Tom and I have decided we will ride it  out this week and if they can't get things figured out by then, we are pulling Jake and going back to the league we played with last year.  We never ran into these kinds of things last year.  I just want Jake to learn the game and have fun - he is not getting any of that.

Anyway, probably should try to finish up and get a little sleep tonight.  It has been a long day.  My theory of calling it quits at 11 pm isn't working out.  Need to figure out how to make that stick.

Til next time...

Friday, April 18, 2008

can it just be tomorrow already?

Today was not a good day...  It has been a tough one.  Poor Jake woke up at 4 am not feeling well.  Some kind of stomach thing. He finally went to sleep about 5:30 on the floor of the game room with towels and bucket next to him.  I kept him home from school because he was just so pale and running a temp.  Tom came home and worked the rest of the day from home.

I attended the funeral today for Teri's husband, Rick.  He passed away on Tuesday.  I met Teri many years ago.  She is just a very kind, warm hearted person and her talent for scrapbooking is amazing!  They have a beautiful daughter, Elise, that just has an infectious smile.    My heart goes out to them during this difficult time and I am so sorry for their tragic loss.  The funeral was a very nice service.  Rick was loved by so many and he will be greatly missed.  There just are never the right words.

I came home for a bit to check on Jake.  Tom had gotten him some Motrin so temp was going down.  He slept most of the morning.  But not feeling hungry.

I went to my MRI appointment.  What was supposed to take about 45 minutes, ended up being almost 2 hours.  I didn't have an open MRI, so it was the longest 2 hours ever.  Of course, the whole time, my mind is racing that they are finding something.  It is like that on ER and Gray's Anatomy anyway....  The techs see right away what is going on.  Anyway, by the time I got home, I just felt dizzy.  Laying on my back flat like that was not comfortable and I just kept seeing spots.  So laid down for a little bit.  I woke up 3 hours later to Lucas asking what is for dinner... I guess I am just wiped out more from this week than I thought.  

During my nap, Jake started to feel well enough to play the Wii.  I walked out of my room to see he and Tom sitting there playing some game - very intense - and Tom wearing Jake's white cowboy hat!  Boys...

Then issues with the lacrosse team keep growing.  We keep losing players.  We don't have enough boys to play, so we need other players from other teams to come play with us during the games. We have now lost our head coach.  So we are joining with two other teams for practices.  It is just so confusing now.  How are these boys supposed to come together as a team and have a good season.  Then of course, some how I have this team mom title and all the parents are calling and emailing me with their questions and concerns.   Tom and I are so regretting joining this league.  We should of stayed where we were last year and we are even considering going back this year.  I have heard from other moms that their boys have left our team and gone back.  I just want Jake to play and learn the game.  Not go out for blood and the championship like these other coaches want to do. One even said to me - we will bring in other strong players and sub out the weakest with the weaker players..  What does that mean???  I see it as my Jake won't play.  We know he is not a star player.  But he wants to be on the field some of the game.  Not be a weak sub for kids from another team that is playing our game....  Anyway, it has me in a tizzy and just not sure what to do....

Well, Tom and Lucas are off to Lowe's for more supplies.   He is building a bigger storage shed in the back yard.  Hoping to have the doors on this weekend so we can actually start putting stuff in it.  So I better finish up dinner so it is ready when they get home.

Hope you are all well.  Hug your families tight tonight.  Life is too short and we just need to make the most of it each and every minute of every day.  

Til next time...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

some more pics from Camp Croppin...

So this is a picture of me with my Walmart Personal Shoppers!  Jill is the taller one.  Can you just imagine her strutting her stuff up and down the aisles in Walmart modeling hats?  The best hat she had on was a visor like a poker player or banker would wear - but it was so huge it looked more like a welding mask!  But she also had that model pose when she was taking photos at the event.  And Allison - all five foot nothin' of her, just has the biggest spirit and HEART! That you just can't help but enjoy being around them.  Thank you so much girls for taking care of me!

This was my first class on Saturday.  Was a very fun time and I hope that they enjoyed it as much as I did spending the morning with them.   I felt so bad that the description was posted incorrectly and they were there for a class they didn't sign up for.  But we got an email out to them prior to the event and everyone still seemed happy with  the projects and they all showed up for class!  Thanks ladies for such a fun class.  I didn't have time to get a group shot of my second class.  Just some quite shots but can't seem to get to them.  I am just not a Techie!

Flying over the Canadian Rockies from Calgary to Vancouver, BC.
On this leg, I asked if I could pre-board.  My back was killing me.  I didn't have the most comfortable bed and it wasn't until I was leaving to check out that I found more pillows in my room...  Really need to look in cabinets better I guess.  Anyway, when I got off the plane in Vancouver, there was a cart there with a sign 
L Nicholas.  I looked at him and he asked if that was me?  I said yes and he said he would take me to the customs desk.  I can walk, I just asked to pre-board, but ok, it is along way to the customs desk.  I will take a ride.  So we go the back way and right up to the desk.  I get off the cart and go through customs.  No problem.  Get my bags and go through security.  All is going smoothly.  Then, there is another cart with a sign,  L Nicholas...  Really, I just asked to pre-board.  Anyway, so get on and they take me to my gate.  There, the agent asks me if I am passenger Nicholas.  Yes - and she takes me down an elevator (here you board the plane outside on the ground and there were tons of stairs going down...) and then out to the plane where they load my bag and I get settled into my seat.  The time I am thinking - what is going on?  I sure hope that sign meant Laura Nicholas and Leonard Nicholas isn't waiting back at the gate for his cart!  But wow - what awesome customer service!!!!  

Well, must of maxed out Blogger - it won't let me load any more pictures.  So will have to continue tomorrow.  So for now - that will have to be my update for tonight.  

Til next time then....

Monday, April 14, 2008

trying to get back to my blessing of the week..

I haven't posted this for awhile so should get that back on my to do list.

So for this week, I have got to say that I am blessed to of met Jill and Allison while in Calgary. I met so many people and I can honestly say, Canadians are probably the most friendly I have ever met. A person definitely gets excellent customer service there. So many people here in the states in CS could learn a few things... I will tell you more about my airport adventure through Vancouver, BC later...

But - Oh my gosh... these gals have got energy. I was going to do the tv thing with them first thing friday morning and I did not have my luggage. EVERYTHING was in those bags. All the stuff I prepped for the segment, my class stuff, it all... So these gals just took me to get supplies, clothes... and just made it comic relief...

We were off to the local scrapbook store first. What a great store. Scrapbookers Paradise - just awesome store and people. They were willing to just load me up with whatever I needed. So pulled product to display and also to put together another project to do on air. We filled the basket and even pulled a sample book from the wall. Then they even let me pull supplies from their cropping/class area so I would have some tools to work with. Then they even delivered it back to the hotel for me so Allison and Jill could take me to Walmart for those necessary emergency items....

Off to Walmart I go with my personal shoppers. These gals can shop. But I did have to pick out a few items on my own... Sorry, girls. Don't want to be rude, but I do need to pick out underwear by myself.... And man, I just bought new ones before the trip... But they were in my luggage. It ended up just being a fun time and I was stocked up just in case the bags didn't show. At least to get me through the morning anyway.

Then when it was time to do the tv spot, my nerves were in full force. But these gals got me through it. I haven't seen the tape so I am not sure how many words I stumbled on or said um, but I felt like I did ok. It was a relief to have Jill and Scott take the lead.

I have some great pics of these gals and will have to post them. For some reason my laptop won't let me access pics so will have to do that part from the iMac. Anyway, when you see the pics of these gals, it will show you in thousands of words what kind of people they are. So much fun! I so appreciate all they did for me this past weekend. I hope that we can stay in touch and continue to develop this friendship. (Allison - too funny you are commenting on my blog already!!!!!)

Well, oops. Here it is again getting close to midnight. My goal of trying to end my days by 11pm hasn't been working out lately. So I should wrap this up.... I will get the pics of these fantastic ladies that I am blessed to have as part of my life now in the am...

Til next time then... so many more stories from the weekend and I still need to introduce you to Leica (pronounced Lisa). She was just a total hoot too.

more on my trip...


So do you think this dinosaur was the guy with my luggage?  Well, I am not found wearing a pink feather boa very often, so maybe not.  But he might have some insight on what goes on behind that little opening in the wall where the bags ride the conveyor belt and end up on the other side....  That was a picture from the display set up on the baggage claim carrousel...  Not a good thing to see when you don't see  your luggage.

I woke up friday morning early enough to see a beautiful sunrise from my room in the hotel.  The snow was still there and lasted til late friday.  By Saturday, it was gone and the sun was out and very warm.  Beautiful day!

Then I got a couple pictures of me with Scott.  My tv segment was doing an 8x8 page with him for his album.  He really was such a nice guy.  That helped make it not so nerve racking to have a film camera in my face....

Well, I should really get to work sometime this am...  More later.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So just checking in - made it home this evening. Let's just say I will never ride MAX again home from the airport. I saw things this evening that no one should ever see in a lifetime - and that was just one MAX ride.....

Pretty tired - been a long day so I am going to call it a night early. Will post more tomorrow about my adventures in Calgary.

Til then,

Saturday, April 12, 2008

having a good day, eh?

Well, I have finally found a little pocket in the hotel lobby where I can access internet. So thought I would check in and let you know how my weekend here in Calgary is going....

It started off Thursday am with a successful shuttle ride to the airport. If you have ever heard my story of my shuttle driver falling asleep at the wheel and then being pulled over for speeding, you will know that to trust a shuttle driver for me anymore is a very big deal.

I lugged my luggage into the airport and they were both too heavy. So did a little juggling and made it through. Security was no problem and still made it to the gate with plenty of time. I actually did a little reading! I finished my book!!!!! I bought this book, 4 1/2 years ago. I have taken it on every trip to read on the planes. It is a good book by Nicholas Sparks, The Rescue. He also wrote A Message in a Bottle and The Notebook. Of course it is about a firefighter, so it keeps my interest, I just never have enough time to read. I even bought a second copy of it somewhere along the way, so it is obviously a good book. So the big accomplished was that I finally finished it waiting for the plane.

Time to board.... Ok, no jetway. Where is the plane? Nope, need to go downstairs and walk out to the plane sitting on the tarmak. This is the smallest plane I have ever flown on. It didn't even have that big of engines. They were the kind with big propellers!!!!!!! I thought I was boarding a crop duster.... Anyway, I was surprised how smooth the flight was. I had fallen asleep somewhere during the short flight to Vancouver, BC and woke up during landing.

Took the long hike from the plane to customs. Felt like I was walking across VANCOUVER!!!!!!!! My layover was short, so I got very nervous when get to Customs and the line went on forever. I asked the agent what I should do since my flight was at 3:30. She sent me to the express lane where there was only one person in front of me. Slick - this is going so well. Then I met the customs agent from Korean or some other country that did not speak English very well. Then the problems started. I spent 10 minutes trying to explain to him why I was here and what scrapbooking was. Didn't make much progress. So finally had to show him my schedule for the weekend. He saw Camp Croppin and asked me if I was coming for summer camp. Oh ok - sure if it will get me into the country..... So he wrote reason for visit on my declaration card - camp counselor!!!! And finally let me through. Then, I had to go get my very heavy bags from the carrousel and take it through the rest of customs. The line was long and people were grumpy and it took forever it seemed to get my bags. But got through to another express lane because of my tight connection. Things are looking up! Hand they guy at the conveyor belt my bags and he says - oh no word on your bags so they should go through ok. Was this a red flag that I should of picked up on at the time? Nope - I was just worried I wasn't going to make my flight. So give him my bags and head for my plane.

But I don't have a gate number, just a boarding pass. So go through these doors and end up into some big mall type place. No monitors to tell me which way to go, I just end up following others that look like they are trying to find a plane too. Hey, this is an airport, there should be a few around somewhere. So I ask every airport person I can find if I am going the right way.... Long story short, finally found out where I needed to go, went through security again where they had to swab my laptop and then to my gate. Luckily that connection was delayed. Apparently Calgary got a flook snowstorm of 11 inches of snow! Plus this was the day that airports were cancelling flights for the inspections. But with a short delay, we were boarded and ready to go.

Arrived in Calgary a little late, but ok. Found the baggage claim and no bags. Waited and waited and no bags, for anyone! After about 20 minutes, a few bags came and those people left. The carrousel stopped and no more bags. I am starting to get nervous now as the line gets very long at the claim office. There are more people there than those that walked aways with luggage. So I go make my claim for my bags. No I start to freak because EVERYTHING for this event in those bags. Even stuff for someone else's class. They have no idea where my bags are, just that they are in Canada. Ok - well , it is a pretty big country. That didnt make me feel any better.

But after they tell me they will deliver to the hotel, I go to find a taxi. The taxt that came, just did not give me warm fuzzies. I just did not feel comfortable getting in his cab. So stepped back to the curb and saw down the way, was another guy waiting for passengers. Very nice guy. I think he could tell that I was frazzled at this point. So he discounted his fare and took me to the hotel in luxury. Big towncar with butterscoth candies and bottled water waiting in the back seat.

Then everything was fine with check in and got to my room and just felt lost. I didnt have anything to unpack or to prep for the morning... So found the event and she hooked me up with the gals that were doing the tv segment at 8:30 in the morning friday. They took me to an awesome scrap store two blocks away. The store just let me load my bag with product to make a quick project for the tv spot and extra products for samples - just in case my luggage didn't show up. Then Allison and Jill took me to the local Walmart so I could buy some emergency toiletries and shirt and such for the next day. What a couple of great gals. They sure helped make the whole situation actually comical and we had a blast shopping.

They brought me back to my hotel. I ordered a pizza for a late dinner at 11pm and prepped for my tv spot.

I didn't sleep very well that night because the heater in the room knocks and I thought someone was at the door to deliver my bags. It was a very long night. I woke up at 6 am with no bags. Called the desk and they were still holding them. So they brought them up and I could feel myself starting to breathe again.... So much relief.

After getting my feet back under me again - I was ready for the live tv spot... I got some pictures - I will have to post them later. But this went really well. I was surprised how I wasn't nervous during the filming. Scott Coa from the local professional football team was the host. Well he was just released from the team, but he was great. A big line backer. He was so funny and made it very comfortable. I will see if I can get a tape somehow. But it was over so quick and the build up of nerves before wasn't really necessary.

Well, looks like the lunch line is breaking up and heading off to their next classes. So will see about getting some lunch before my next class at 3. Will try to check in with you more later and continue my adventure here in Calgary. Eh?

Til later then....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

it's official - I am defecting to CANADA!!!!

I haven't decided yet if I am coming back!

Suitcases are lined up in the living room.  Stacks of scrapbook products for make and take, retailer presentation, live tv segment with a football player from the Calgary Stampeders, classes, prizes and tools.  Maybe I will have some room for clothes, otherwise I will be layering up for the trip!  

So better finish up laundry and figure out how to put this all into two suitcases.  Taking my laptop so hope to stay in touch when I get there...

Wish me luck!

Monday, April 7, 2008

time for a deep breath...

I am really not liking mondays lately.  It isn't even the getting up in the am and going to work part.  That part is fun actually.  Tom says, "that is because you have fun jobs..."  But the afternoons now are insane!  I leave work, pick up Jake from school, go pick up his lacrosse team mate, take them to practice, wait for two and a half hours til practice is done, take the other boy home, bring Jake home, throw his scout shirt on, put a PB & J in his hand, kiss Lucas on the head as they are out the door to scouts.  Now I have two hours by myself...  I better make best use of the time and do some laundry so I have something to wear on my trip this week.

Tomorrow is another day....

note to self....

The combination of chili and what you watch on tv may cause WEIRD dreams.

Just got to tell you about the one last night.  This is following having my brother and sister in law over for dinner (chili) for Jake's birthday.  I dreamt that I received a white and lemon cake from Charm City Cakes for my birthday - just got to love Duff.  The cake was shaped like Duff!  Then I was on a live tv thing - like Big Brother but I don't watch this show much so not sure how that came into play, but it was Oprah from the Big Give to tell me that I was in the top two for Rock of Love with Brett Michaels.  

So obviously watching Ace of Cakes where they celebrated Duff's birthday with a meatball cake where he was on a big fork stuck into the cake, Oprah's Big Give, and Rock of Love 2 - between channels and getting nervous about the live tv thing in Canada this week....  has interferred in my rem cycle!

But just had to share because I thought it was kind of funny.  Off to get Lucas up for school and me ready for work...

Happy Monday all!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

today turned out to be a bummer day....

The boys sure played hard today in their first lacrosse game.  But we have a small team - only 14 players and I think only 10 or 11 showed up today for the game.  Maybe our 4 teams in the league should merge to 2 teams to have more players...  So when playing against a team with 24 players that can sub out, it really runs our guys ragged.  They ended up losing the game.  We don't keep score, but think it was 1-4 but some people counted 3-4.  Either way, we lost.  It was freezing cold, rainy and just a yucky day.  The boys played well and still had fun.

After deciding that a grocery store run would be needed in order to make dinner, we decided to go out to dinner at Applebee's.  We had a good time.  When they asked how many and for a name - I said 4. She asked how many kid menus, I said 3 and looked at Tom.  He said he could eat from the big boy menu tonight.  The gal just cracked up.  Then when she asked for a name, I said Tommy and Tom says - no Tom is fine.  Then when they called us, they called Tommy.  They boys just thought that was so hilarious.  Convinced the boys to not have dessert - we could have something at home, so guess I am making brownie sundaes...  

While at dinner, I saw a bit of the basketball final four.  Looks like my teams lost today in the games.  I had NC and UCLA in the final two and they both got knocked out today.  So that will probably knock me down on my bracket.  It was getting pretty exciting there for awhile when I had all four picked right in the final four - and that was totally guessing!

Well, brownies are done and Jake has come in here four times sniffing for dessert.  He is looking pretty tuckered so I think he will be going to bed soon.

Have a good night!

a quick update from the Nicholas household....

Some jobs required of a mom - I think I would be ok without....  Tom took Jake to take care of the protective wear issue earlier this week.  Wrong size...  So who got the fabulous opportunity to take it back to GI Joes this morning to try to get a new one.  Yep - me....  Looked through the entire rack, did not find one single package of the size we need.  So went back to the oh so friendly customer service gal - where do they find these people???  Is there a special agency that they apply through specifically for customer service?  That way they will get exactly those people who should NOT be working in customer service.  Ok, so it ended up going like this...  We brought the one back and told her we needed to exchange.  She asked if he had worn it -  ok, let's think about this.  He would have to try it on in order to know that it didn't fit.  So guess that means at some point he had it on.  Right away, I knew I was working with a rocket scientist here.  I told her yes, over pants.  So she takes it out of the package to look at it.  I swear - I was probably ten shades of red as she was examining it.  Ok ok, put it away already....  I probably would of had kittens if she smelled it.  It was getting closer and closer to her face as she looked at it.  So after 5 minutes, she decided that it was ok for us to exchange.  We go back and look at everything on the shelf.  Nothing in the size we needed.  Went back to our friend at CS and waited 10 minutes for her to figure out what she was doing with the customer in front of us.  So it is our turn.  I ask - do you have any other sizes in the back?  Or is everything on the shelf.  Her reply was yes - we have lots in the back.  Cool - ok, we are making progress.  Can we get one of those?  Nope - she has to make a call to the little guy in the back.  His response was yes, they have them, but I need to special order it.  WHAT?  I am there in the store.  What I need is there in the store.  There is a little guy there that can go get what I need in the store.  Not sure why this has to be so difficult...  So my options now were to refund back the original purchase.  So give her a penny for 13.00 back.  Then she gets out a form for me to special order something from the back room that I can come back again for on Monday.  Ok, fill out the form.  Then need to give her the 12.99 back that she just gave me for the refund.  In the meantime, she couldn't guarantee that it would be there on monday.  Finally, I just said - you know the line is getting long behind me, I will come back.  Which really meant - forget this, I am going somewhere else and we left.  So needless to say, the poor boy is going to have to wear last year's very snug protective wear to this afternoon's game...  We will continue the saga of getting a new one tomorrow.

Last night, I took the boys to the pool.  Lucas' friend invited him to go swimming and for a sleep over.  After Lucas told me about 11 different versions of what was happening, I finally got a call from the friend with the real version. Therefore, I took them to the pool instead of the friend's father and took the little brother along too.  In the end, I am glad I did because this friend's parents just dropped the kids off at the pool and came back at the end of the open swim.  I am sorry.  When you have someone else's kids - you stay with them!  So I stayed and watched the kids - all of them...  They were wiped out when they got home for sure.  Jake started watching a Star Wars moving but didn't last 15 minutes.

Today we have our first lacrosse game.  So Jake is getting some lunch and we will be heading out for that.  Apparently my email of concern to the team has resulted in a team name - they are the Spartans, and I am now the team MOM!!!!!  How do these things happen???  Anyway, if it helps Jake have a good season, I am all for it.

Result of my appointment with the neurologist is that he wants me to have an MRI.  I really liked him.  He was older, which usually doesn't go over well with me and doctors for some reason, but this guy I liked.  I was comfortable around him and he seemed to have a similar sense of humor as me.  So we hit it off.  My exam came back normal so he wants to rule out some things with the MRI.  He showed me some pictures of what a tumor would do to the nerves to create numbness and such.  But he doesn't think that is what is happening in my case because I have feeling to the touch.  He didn't talk to me in medical speak but at the same time it is hard to soak it all in.  But he wants to rule out demylination (spelling is probably wrong on that) which is a signal for MS.  I am trying not to do too much looking around on the internet because I don't want to get wrong information and freak out.  So will just take this one step at a time.  I have the MRI on the 18th and then the follow up with the doc on the 24th.   Will keep you posted as I find things out.  

Ok, time to pack up for a cold afternoon watching lacrosse.  Need to battery up the camera and find the umbrellas and blankets..  Get a water bottle for Jake and see if Tom and Lucas are ready to go.  They are building doors for the shed today.

Til next time,

Friday, April 4, 2008

he is now 11!

Well, Jake is now 11.  I can't believe where the time has gone.  Yesterday was his birthday and I was bad - didn't even get out the camera, just spent time with him.  Nowadays - that just feels more important.  This is a picture of him on Tom's bike last fall.  They were taking pictures to post on Craig's list and it turned into a little photo shoot...  Anyway, yesterday was a busy day.  Got him up for school and he had his usual cereal for breakfast.  We have been out of toaster struedel for awhile so he is having cereal on a regular basis.  Tom took him to school on the motorcycle and he was full on perma-grin from ear to ear.  He has no problem carrying his motorcycle jacket around at school because it makes him "cool".  After my neurologist appt (will write more about that later) I went and got donuts for his class.  Asked him what he wanted to take and he told "the usual" aka Krispy Kreme...  The kids were happy to see me!  It was cute.  They made him a card and the kids that I know from field trips and such were giving me hugs and saying how good it was to see me.   Um, ok.... but really I only brought one donut per person....  Suddenly I wasn't so popular anymore.  So then I hung out with him in class til school was over and we headed over to the library.  Lucas checked out a book who knows how long ago and it has been riding around in the car forever.  So thought we better take it back before they send me a bill.  Now that the library has moved, it just isn't on the way to anyplace else I go so I keep forgetting.  So when we were there, Jake wanted to get the next Harry Potter on tape.  He has been downloading them on his iPod and listening to them as he reads the book.  I am so amazed how it is actually helping him with his reading.  He is hearing  how to add emotion and PUNCTUATION....  in his reading.  He used to be the most monotone and run-on sentence, or book, rather, kid I have seen.  He definitely has come a long way over the past year.  After the library we headed home to meet Lucas and then it was off to tutoring.  After that we went to dinner at Zab's and he had his usual Pad Thai noodles.  Then Tom took him to Game Crazy and they exchanged the game that I got him for the Wii.  Apparently it was a two person game they wanted (they meaning Jake and TOM!!!!!) so they got something else.  Then it was off to GI Joes for them.  It is a guy thing so this is a dad duty...  He needs a cup for lacrosse so they took care of that.  When they were home again, we worked on homework and he was off to bed.  Busy day but he said he had a good day.    I am very proud of him.  Jake is just a kind and warm hearted kid.  Of course he plays the part of the little brother a lot, but overall, he is a good kid.  He makes us laugh and amazes us with his witty comments.  We were reading the other night and he came across the word herb.  So he wanted to know the right pronunciation.  I told him some people say it with the h and some don't.  His response was, "oh, like tomato and tomato...." You will have to add your own pronunciation there because not sure how to write that out...  But it just caught me off guard for a second.   

So we love you, Jake!  I hope you had a good birthday. 

Well, need to get Lucas off to school and then me off to my list of things I have to do today.  But looking forward to lunch with Angie, Judy and Danita.  We will miss you Vicki - but enjoy your time off.  You so deserve it.  I am glad you girls are finally working that into your week more.  

Til next time....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

well, I am having an issue....

Jake has started lacrosse and I have been having an issue with the whole thing.  I think it is a gut feeling about the coach.  I saw him coach a game we played against last season and I didn't like it then.  For one thing, he is out to WIN or BLOOD - what ever happens - that is ok with him.  Forget about the kids learning to be a team, having sportmanship attitudes and oh - let's not forget about having fun with the game.  They are not pros and have a lot to learn.  Instead of yelling at them to do it right, how about show them how to do it....  I am coming off the football season with Lucas.  He had such an amazing experience with an awesome coaching staff and the boys were all supportive of each other and they played better for it.  Jake's lacrosse team doesn't even have a team name!  I am sorry - I told Jake, "I do not want you yelling your coach's name at the end of the game."  He is just this little guy - I think the players are all taller than him.  Maybe he thinks that yelling and being a tough guy makes him a bigger man...  Not sure.

Anyway, he is overseas for a few weeks with his job.  So we have the president of the league coaching for us..  Oh my - what a difference practice was last night.  I talked to him after the practice thanking him for the encouragement of the boys, etc...  He was grateful for the feedback and at the same time, I felt I was not the first parent to express their opinion to him.  So this am, he sent out an email to the parents about game and practice times and to see about getting the kids to show up.  There are 16 boys on the team.  About 10 of them show to practice.   Well, I took the opportunity and followed up his email with this....

I also wanted to bring up a few things...  First, Thank you Coach (will leave out names to protect the innocent) for helping out with the team.  We so greatly appreciate it.  Jake made so much improvement in one practice because he was encouraged and shown exactly what he should be doing when you told him.  Also thank you Assistant Coach - I appreciate how you were working one on one with the boys as they needed it.    At the beginning of the season, Coach was asking for help with communication and such.  I am not sure if anyone said they would do this - but I would be willing to help with emailing out practice reminders and directions and such to the games.  I know with school getting out for my son at 3:05, getting to practice at 4 is a little tricky, but if you are in the Elmonica area and would like to work out some kind of carpool, I am willing to help with that too, at least on Mondays and Fridays for sure.  So feel free to email me or call me if you need help getting your son to practice.  I would love to see more boys there.  I would also love to see the team have a name.  Coach mentioned that the boys were asked to come up with one.  But since they can't think of a name - can we as the parents come up with a team name with the boys?  I think it will add some team commadery and help us parents cheer them on at the games.  My husband has thrown out Screaming Eagles for a suggestion.  I thought of maybe Tomahawks or Hawks.  Now that the boys have their jerseys - if you could email me your son's name and number - I would like to make up a cheat sheet for us at the games.  I know for myself, the kids start to all look the same when they are suited up and this just helps to know who is who.  I think that is all.  We are just looking forward to another great season.  Just my 2 cents here...  I think if the boys come together as a team, they will have more fun and a greater love of the game.  So if there is anything I can to help with transportation, or what not, please do not hesitate to call.  Again my thanks to the Coaches.

What do you think?  Did I come off tacky?  I have already had a response from one mom thanking me for saying something.  She said she wishes she had the guts to do it herself.  I just want my son to have a good experience and take this opportunity to make new friends and such.  It is so wrong of me to want that for him?  I just think that I am the mom and I have the right to say something....  I noticed that the Coach is listed in the group email so he will see my message.  Hopefully he will take it to heart and make some changes when he comes back.  Or at least talk to me and give me his side of it so I can understand.  As of this point, he really hasn't talked to any of the parents...  

Anyway, I feel better that I said something.  Especially in person to the coach last night.  I must be getting braver or something to take that on in person.  I would of done it by email or phone before.  Maybe this live tv thing in Canada is getting me pumped up and I am practicing!  LOL  

Well, I have my appointment this am with the neurologist.  I better start getting ready.  Not so nervous about it now after talking to Angie last night.  She has experience with these things so was wondering what on earth are they going to do to me for 2 hours!  So thanks for the advice, Ang.  I have my list of questions and a note pad - oh and a Boxer pen....  THANKS!  For some reason, I have like 6 of them in my purse....  I even opened up the new package of undies for the appointment.  This may be too much info, but anytime I travel, I buy new undies.  Ang said I should wear new ones to my appointment today - so new Hanes her Way, DONE!  I had already gotten some for my trip next week....

Enjoy your day.  So glad to see the sunshine today!
Til next time...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

just a quick note...

Hi all,
Wow - what a beautiful day today.  The sunshine just puts me in such a good mood.  Makes me want to mow grass and plant flowers.  But I can't really grow anything but silk, but it still makes me want to plant!

Anyway, wanted to let you know that we heard today that Lucas' surgery is scheduled for April 28th.  Don't know the time yet, but know he will be there over night and then down for a week.  So taking that week off or at least bringing some work home.  So it is good to have a date and know a little more of what is ahead of us.

On another note, I have a dilemma about Jake's lacrosse team and coach.  I will post more about it later and hopefully other sports moms can help me with what I should do.  But for now, it is close to 6:30 and I still need to figure out something for dinner.  Better check out Paris' blog and see if she has posted a recipe for today....  :)

Til next time then,

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I think we have made a decision....

It has been quite a day. Some good news - Scott (work with him at HOTP), he and his wife had their first baby today. A little girl - 7 pounds 3 ounces. His wife had a pretty hard time so his message was pretty quick. No name yet. But needless to say, Sherry ran around the office making sure everyone knew the little "dudette" had arrived. Congrats to Scott and Kim.

The rest of the day was filled with trying to make the big decision. Weighing all the pros and cons and what will be best for our family. So we pretty much came up with - this really is a simple decision. We are not going to move to Israel because... It is April Fool's Day!

Paris - you are too quick for me... It worked on Sadie today though. It was pretty funny. She almost had me though when she started asking what town so she could look at houses there... When she started asking too many questions, I had to let her off the hook... But I practiced the whole way driving in this am so I would have it right.

But thanks to you all that check in here and for your comments of support... You are all the best!

Well, going to call it a night early tonight. I am just beat...
Til next time,

PS Sorry for the trick!

big decision to make...

Well, I was really hoping it would not get this far, but it officially came back this am. Tom has been looking around for awhile for a job and was finding that the jobs available were actually overseas. He received an offer this am for a position in Israel. It looks like he has until the end of the week to get back to them if he is going to accept or not. Then we will need to decide if he is going on his own or if we are going to move the family there.... It is a really great job and something he is finally interested in. Don't ask me what it is - it is something with computers... I have never understood really what it is he does. I really do not know what we are going to do. This is huge - is that someplace I want to live? Do I want to raise my boys there? Do I want to raise my boys here by myself with Tom overseas? He will probably only be able to come home every three months or so. So keep happy thoughts going for us that we make the right decision....

Will keep you posted.