Sunday, November 30, 2008

a huge THANK YOU to my quilting coach!!!!

I finished my first quilting project today. THANK YOU so much, Ang. I couldn't of done it without you. I love how it turned out! I even got a "Cool" from Jake when I got home. He is asking for something for his bed.... Oh another project!!!!

This is a tree skirt with log cabin Christmas colors. This one will be for my mom and I have the top finished for mine. It will be with the same fabrics but it will have a red ruffle and the pattern is reversed. The plaid on the outer edge of Mom's will be in the center of mine and the brown center on Mom's will be the outer edge on mine. I just need to get some batting and sandwich it and do the "quilting" on top... I guess there is some lingo I need to learn, other than layer and stitch... :)

Anyway, this is what I did today.

I am so hooked on this... (Really, it didn't take very much...) I have a couple other gifts I am planning out for Christmas and I was sketching them yesterday!!! We will need to do a fabric store field trip soon for backing and such.... Sure means a lot to me that you helped me through my first project, Ang. Thank you....

Now to have dinner with the boys. They are roasting us hot dogs in the fireplace! Hey, it must be gourmet night...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Giving Thanks!

Well, we had a really nice day yesterday. We went to my brother's house for dinner.

This is my brother, Joe and his family, wife Lorraine, and kids - Miranda and Travis.
This is a family picture of my brothers and I with Mom and Dad. Not sure what Mom was thinking in this picture, but best one of everyone else. I am really quite a bit taller than my brother. I had scootched down....
This is my Mom and Dad - pretty good picture of them. We had multiple retakes to get good pictures this year... The scrapbooker in me was looking for the good one...
Especially with my group. We finally got this one. Oh my - I only have a couple inches on Lucas. Kid is going to be taller than me next year!

But it was a good day. I spent the morning finishing a memory book for my mom. She had given me a bunch of photos that her mom had and wanted them in a book. Grandma had passed away this summer and I really tried to get the book done for Mom's birthday in October. But just didn't happen. I got the last 13 pages done yesterday and she really liked it. She was having dinner today with her brothers and sisters so hopefully she will get the book back. Anyway, was able to cross one more thing off my to do list.

Then we spent the afternoon and evening having good food and catching up with family.

Today, just a day at home. I have been working on a tree skirt for some time now. Angie and Vicki are teaching me to quilt. Just what I need, another hobby. But I am really enjoying it. That is until I overload the bobbin and my sewing machine doesn't like that and then I don't like my machine... Anyway, today I finished all the top stitching (I think that is what it is called...) and even did some decorative stitching and now the layers are all stitched together. Now I just need to add the edge trim and a ruffle. One Christmas gift then will be done! I had cut out the pieces for this a long time ago, but when I cut the strips, there are enough for a second skirt. This one, I am going to keep. So I got that sewn together today too. Now I have a second skirt to sandwich with the batting and such. I am going over to Vicki's on Sunday so Ang can teach me to do the ruffle. Maybe I will be able to completely finish them both.... That would be cool. Then I will want to set up my tree!

Anyway, was nice to just be home. I didn't even leave the house. Tom and the boys were gone for awhile this afternoon. So it was wonderful to have the house to myself - quiet! Just had the hum of the sewing machine...

But it is getting late and I am tired. Tomorrow I am taking Lucas and some of his friends from school bowling as a late birthday thing. That should be fun. Better get my rest!

Til next time then...
Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so grateful to have so many amazing people in my life. Thank you for being part of my world!
Love you all...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Look out, Martha!

Well, not really. I don't have a chance against Martha Stewart... Or even Martha Dukes :)...

But I have been having a crafty weekend.

Yesterday I made oatmeal raisin cookies as a thank you and made this gable box to put them in...

Now today, I am off to go quilting with Angie and Vicki. I have a tree skirt I need to finish so I can move onto my next project. So better get my things together....

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

more catching up to do...

Seems like I am never caught up anymore. Whether it is laundry, chores around the house, just stuff.... So maybe that is just my new version of "caught up" - to never be...

Anyway, left you off with last Monday and the Glow Golf with the scouts.

Tuesday and Wednesday were work days and kid pick up from school, etc. Jake had a class celebration after school on Tuesday, so that meant a trip back to the school later after already being there to pick up Lucas. Wednesday was another two trips to school because Lucas was out regular time and Jake had LegoRobotics. Needless to say, I let Tom go back and pick up Jake on Thursday. There are some days when I just want to be home....

Thursday night, I went to a Girls Night Out Fundraiser at Southridge High School. My friend, Beth, her son is a senior there and they were raising money for the Grad Night Party. Was a lot of fun. The halls were filled with vendor tables where you could shop. Students were selling raffle tickets for a donation by each vendor. Then we moved into decorated tables. There was a hostess for each table. Beth made a very yummy carrot cake and that was in the center and then decorated with black and gold. Very pretty and she did a great job. After dessert, they had the raffle, a fashion show of prom dresses. You could bid $20 and then your ticket went into a drawing. That was fun to watch - even though I will never be buying prom dresses... It was fun to watch the girls modeling. I wonder if Mindy got the one she was bidding on? After that they announced the silent auction winners and that ended the night. It seemed to be a huge success and I hope they were able to raise a lot of money. Besides, it was nice to just get out with the girls. I ran into a mom from Tae Kwon Do from many years ago. Was wonderful to catch up with her a bit.

Then Friday, I went into HOTP for awhile to finish up some cards that were due and pick up work for the weekend. I have been watching this bush bloom over the past week. It is just so pretty, I had to take a picture. I am not sure if it is supposed to be blooming in November, but it is just a reminder to stop and appreciate nature's beauty every once in awhile in this crazy life. Was barely there 45 minutes when the phone started to ring. Lucas was in the office with a headache. He was complaining of vis
ion trouble and felt like a migraine was coming on. Last time this happened, he ended up throwing up but he wasn't feeling like that yet. So he stayed in the health room a few minutes, but by the time I called him back, he was feeling better and going to class.

But then about half hour later, he called Tom at work since I was in Canby. Then Tom called me from home wondering where the perscription was for his migraines. Well, we didn't have any because it was left in the health room last year at the other school. We forgot to pick it up so it was disposed of. So off to the school he went with tylenol. By the time he got to the school, Lucas was complaining of numbness in his arm and vision trouble again. So Tom called the Pediatrician and he suggested that he go to the ER. So off Tom was and I was on my way from Canby. (Thank you, LeNae for finishing my last card and instructions!) I got there not much before the doctor. They were going to put in an IV and give him some medicine. They ended up doing a CT Scan too to rule out anything there. Words were coming out like stroke and heart attack - OMG! Freak out the mom, will you.... Then Lucas was getting nervous and broke down. Gees - what bedside manner... Anyway, test came back normal and he really felt better after the IV was in for awhile. He was really dehydrated and combine that with changing hormones, it brought on the migraine. So drink lots of water, Kid!!! We were out of there in time to get Jake from school. Got something at the store for dinner and went home. What a day....

We spent the evening after dinner playing a little Wii bowling and tv. I think I was in bed though by 9....

Today, it is a day at home. Tom and Jake are off to the Expo Center with a friend of Tom's and his son. Did a quick clean out of the car already this am. So they will be gone for the day. Lucas and I are at home. I have some samples to do and a house to clean!!!! I am hoping to have a quilting day with Angie and Vicki tomorrow so will need to get stuff together for that. I also need to make some cookies for George (a friend from school, scouts, and football). He helped me out by picking up the boys for me after school when I was in Bellevue. He loves oatmeal raisin - so guess that will be what I will be making. Haven't done any baking in a long time. Probably a good thing two of my three boys are out of the house today, maybe some will actually make it into the cookie jar.

Well, enjoy your weekend! It is a typical chilly fall day outside today. Maybe will even have a fire in the fireplace today...

Til next time....

Friday, November 21, 2008

a chance to catch a breath....

Well, that is until I finish this post... Then I will be out of breath again. It has been a wild week and a half (at least I think that is when I posted last. ) I know that is as far back as I can remember so will start with that.

Wednesday, November 12th, I packed my bag and that evening Vicki and I headed up to Bellevue for the Creating Keepsakes Convention. We got a late start as both Angie and Vicki were on baby watch up to the minute we left. After a brief detour to Vicki's house to pick up some forgotten product and a very good laugh in the driveway.... I know she will kill me for posting this but it is too funny.... Vicki had a friend staying at the house while she was gone and didn't want to startle her by coming into the house. So she was calling her. But she was calling the gal's cell phone instead of just calling the house. I asked her - don't you know the number to your house??? Gave us a good laugh, at least me anyway.... Angie and George had drove up prior and were just getting there when we took off. Drive wasn't too bad once we got past Woodland. The rain had quit by then and was a pretty clear night the rest of the way.

Thursday, we set up the show. We were right next to the Galloping Horse gals again so of course that makes for many laughs and good times. I have known these gals for many years now. Oh the stories I could tell you about them, but then they have just as many on me - so will just have to leave you guessing on that.

Friday, I worked the make the take table. Was kind of glad when I ran out of product for the project. Gave me a chance to do a different one for the afternoon. Busy and good day. That night we went out to the Croatian pizza place. OMG! This place has the best bread and such good food. I had Croatian Cousins - it was a pasta dish with scallops, shrimp and clams. Oh so good.

Saturday, another day of make and takes. Mixed it up a bit by switching off with Vicki awhile and I worked the register. Somehow George got the morning off so he could watch a football game... Hmm... he must have an in with one of the owners. I never get to come in late.. :)

Shauna made it to the show for a getaway. Was so great to see her and her bright smile.

Doesn't she look great! I was so happy that she got an escape away and people saw her as "Hi, my name is Shauna." Not Shauna with cancer. She even helped us pack up at the end before scooting off to dinner with friends.

Anyway, finished up the day, tore down the booth and packed our new pod. Was amazing how much bigger it was and we had so much room left over. But I am sure this is a honeymoon thing and over the next year we will be fighting for storage space again.

After teardown, we went to Vicki M's house in Maple Valley and celebrated the end of the season. Judy and Danita were wrapping it for the shows. Terri was also done with traveling on the CKC team. And we just had a chance to celebrate with friends for the end of another good year. This party was complete with great food, laughs, stories and even a pinata!

This is Terri and her daughter, Anna Marie.

Anna Marie is growing up and has turned into such a wonderful young lady. She has been helping with the conventions since she was 9 so we have been watching her grow up. I will even put up with her mom to keep seeing Anna Marie at the shows... (Just kidding, Terri. Always good to see you....)

Terri and Vicki M are sisters and worked together on the CK traveling teams for almost 4 years (I think...) But we had great times and saw many new places around the country. Of course, lots of stories - and even ones that Terri will embellish upon... :) Terri won't be traveling the the CK Team anymore but will be working on the vendor side now so I will still get a chance to see her and give her a hard time at the shows.

Oh forgot to update about the baby watch.... Angie and Vicki's friend, Karen (Angie and Karen grew up together) Karen had a baby girl early Thursday morning. So they missed it, but we woke up that morning to a photo text of the cute little one.

Sunday we drove home. Tom had fixed my oven and we were good to go to cook dinner. I lucked out though and just made a store run and Tom made dinner.

I then worked on projects that were due Monday morning - long night to finish everything up.

Monday night was a Scout fun night. They had a campout over the weekend so instead of a meeting - they do something fun. This time it was Glow Golf. Since it was downtown Portland, I took the boys. Lucas invited his friend, Patrick, and we were off. Was pretty fun. I have never been there before so it was a nice change.

Here is Jake on the third hole - think he had about 50 strokes by then. :) But they weren't keeping score and he was having fun.

This is Lucas and Patrick - they ended up finishing early because they accidentally went to the last hole before they went through the whole course. But they had a good time.

Well, that gets us through this past Monday. Now dinner is about ready and the natives are hungry around here. Will fill you in on the rest of my week... Lucas wrapped up today with a trip to the ER with a migraine - will fill you in on that one later...

Til next time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

they are champions!!!

Undeafted. First Place... 10-0!!!! Champions.... The boys won their championship game today. They played Beaverton and final score was 19-0. Congratulations Cats!!!! It has been an awesome season. Lucas has been there with his team the whole way. I am very proud of the young man he is becoming. So many people came up to me after the game and told me the same thing. The Coach told me it would of been so easy for him to just quit but he kept coming and wanting to be part it...

After the game, we headed off to Tigard to cheer for our varisty boys. They played Sherwood. Unfortunately there was a terrible injury for one of our boys.. He broke his femur and was taken off by ambulance. The varsity boys did loose their game to Sherwood, but they kept up their fight throughout the game. Congrats to Sherwood for a good win. Angie's nephew played Sherwood so was secretly cheering for them too.... Great game and congrats Reggie.

Well, we are off to get some dinner. Still no working oven here so a good night for me to get out of cooking....

Til next time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day is here...

Today - no matter who support, no matter what party you belong to, please go out and vote. There are so many things happening to so many people I know, losing their jobs, health issues, marriage issues, just too much... Placing our votes is one way to have our voices heard. So please go vote today....

On another note - just a little catch up on our past few days.

Saturday - Lucas' team played Sunset in the playoffs and won, 21-8. Check out Lucas
just after Sunset scored. Funny kid... It was a very good game. It was a bit of an awakening to the boys. They have been playing so many games where the point spread was so high, they worked harder at not scoring than just playing football. So made for a good game to watch.

And then check out Lucas in the line up after the game, just ahead of the cheerleaders. :) Congratulations Cats!!!!

That means then that we have one more week of football. They practiced last night in the pouring down rain. It just rained hard the whole entire practice... We will have the Championship game then this Saturday and the end of the Season banquet on Sunday.

Yesterday, I made a thank you card for Lucas to give to his coach. He has been so supportive of him this season and has really been working with him to feel part of the team, even though he couldn't play. I used these great little chipboard t-shirts from Boxer and made it look like Lucas' jersey on the front and the back is the thank you card.

Lucas will write his message on the tag.

Well, better get ready for work and get my day started. Have a good one - and remember, if you haven't already mailed in your ballet, please go out and vote.

Til next time...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Post Halloween...

Well, we survived the dreaded day. I don't know why, I am just always glad when Halloween is over.

We did end up having a pretty good day though. I went to my doc's appt and the boys stayed home - together even.... They did really well. They played Monopoly "with a twist". They each had two playing pieces like they were playing with four people but only had the money for one player. :) When I left, Jake was down to $10! But they were still playing when I got home. I was actually able to get to the post office, the bank, the gas station (down to $2.49!) and the pharmacy... Maybe they are getting old enough and mature enough - if that is possible - to try this the two of them together at home... We will just take baby steps though - because I have a lot of scrapbook supplies that I want to survive any kind of disaster.

Anyway - did get my foot checked. Of course, the office was filled with cat woman at the reception desk, the nurse was in some kind of foam barrel thing - not really sure what she was. Then my doc was Gilligan. Appropriately since his last name is Gilligan...

At the end of June, I got a blister on the side of my heel. Thought maybe my shoe just rubbed funny or something. But it has gradually gotten worse to the point where it is hard to wear shoes, it is hard to drive, and there is a burning pain. Now there is a second one that has developed over the past couple of weeks. It is more under the skin and is very hard and right under the center of my heel so when I walk, I hit that first. So doc says that they might be planter's warts??? Not sure what those are or how I got them but they hurt. He started talking about freezing them, shaving them off, and apparently my face said "You want to do what???" So he said that we could try a topical route first. There is less risk of infection and such this way. Ok by me... So will try this and then after a couple of weeks, I will go back and see him. If they are not gone, we will look at the freezing thing or maybe even do an x-ray and check to see if they are possibly bone spurs. Then a pediatrist will get involved and the rest of the details from that did not sound fun at all. I just want to have it go away! So just hoping this topical route will be the answer.

Anyway, got the errands done and then home. The boys were having a good day just having the day off from school and hanging out at home. So I got the taco chili going in the crock pot and did some things around the house.

About 4, I took Lucas over to his friend's house for the Halloween party. Of course, he was fully dressed up as.............. ready for it? ..................................................

HIMSELF! :) Sorry no picture...

Then Tom, Jake and I went to a movie. We saw Pride and Glory. Cop movie with language and violence (probably not the best for Jake) but it was a good movie. After the movie, we came home and had dinner. Jake carved his pumpkin -- yeah nothing like waiting til the last minute... Apparently we haven't actually carved our pumpkins for sometime. We usually get them the night before Halloween and just set them on the porch. So he really wanted to this time because he doesn't ever remember doing it before. Gees - guess need to get some traditions going again, I guess so these guys remember..

He didn't want to do any trick or treating so he took door duty and passed out the candy.

About 9, I went back to pick up Lucas from the party. He had a good time and quickly told me there were girls at the party. This detail was not released when I dropped him off. Well, guess the boy needs to grow up sometime. Mom is just having a hard time knowing how much is good. How much freedom do you give a fresh 13 year old??? But sounded like he had a good time.

Today - we have playoffs. Lucas' football team is going into the playoffs in first place as they are undefeated this season. So keep your fingers, toes and whatever else crossed for these boys. Weather is kind of yucky and they are going up against their rival, Sunset. We shut them out earlier in the season 12-0, so think they will be coming at us hard.

So have a good Saturday...
Til next time.