Monday, May 25, 2009

hello from Maple Valley, WA

hello there...

The boys and I have been spending the weekend here in Maple Valley and just having the best time. Vicki has been spoiling us and taking very good care of us. Feels like our own personal Bed and Breakfast! The boys have quickly figured out why I love to come here so much.

So just checking in... We are off to see Snoqualmie Falls today and then drive home. So will post some pictures tonight of our weekend.

Remember today those that have given so much for us. Those that are no longer with us that we love and miss so much. And those that are continuing to give so much for us so we can be safe. Remember those on this Memorial Day.

Til next time....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

a poem by Lucas...

Lucas wrote this poem for school about himself. He is pretty proud of himself, as he should be. It is so true! I love the part about getting the joke.... If you know Lucas, there is usually a little delay before he gets the joke.

Anyway, thought I would share....

I Am What I Am...
by Lucas "Dozer" Nicholas (this has become his signature now....)

I am what I am...
I am a gentleman.
When I want to be.
Hold doors.
Pull out a chair.
Give advice.
I am what I am, a gentleman.

I am serious, yes, really.
When laughter is in the air, I am hard at work.
School is a mountain in my mind.
When it's appropriate, I get the joke.
I am what I am, serious.

I am patriotic.
I pledge allegiance to this flag.
And for which both it and I stand.
One nation under one God.
We are indivisible.
With liberty and justice for all.
I am what I am, pariotic.

I am strong.
I walk tall against the hard winds of everyday life.
I have tolerance for both physical and emotional pain.
My mind is strong too.
I am what I am, strong.

I am kind-hearted.
I pay attention to the things people feel.
I wish people luck when I feel their going to need it.
People come to me for help, I give 110%.
I am what I am, kind-hearted.

I am what I am...

Great job, Lucas.
Love, Mom

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

home again....

It was an early morning yesterday starting at 3:30am Eastern time, but we made it home from Manchester, NH. It was a great trip. Here are a few of the highlights.

We got in pretty late Wednesday night after a short delay in Chicago (so great to get to chat with Kathy Jo on the phone in Chicago....) Terri was on our flight and went to dinner with us at the Red Arrow Diner. There are labels on the counter where people have sat there so I added our label...

Sorry this picture of Terri and I is upside down - for some reason it won't save as flipped. My tech support aka Jake is still sleeping this morning....

The convention was great. I met so many fun people at the make and take table. I should of gotten out the camera before the last hour and a half of the show on Saturday. I will never forget Lil. She came by and tried to pay me for her free make and take! After that it was just non-stop laughs. She was so fun and it was a pleasure to meet her and her daughter Shannon. Lil - if you are checking out my blog - find me on Facebook!

I also had the pleasure of meeting the Boston Scrap Mafia. They came by both days. Again another Mom and daughter and just fun to visit with.

Then Renee and Jeanne stopped by. Renee was waiting for a friend to show up. So she starts to describe to me what her friend looks like and that while she sat down to do the make and take - I was to look out for her friend wearing a tigger sweatshirt.... So it turned into me getting a full description of Christine and the girls were on their own for the project while I watched out for Christine to arrive. Again - such fun ladies.

Angie and Vicki working hard at the registers. Ang also taught three classes each day. Friday night we went to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse where some other vendors from SEI also went. So we told our waitress that it was Lin's birthday. We waited for them to sing and bring him a sundae before we left. Was so funny because it wasn't his birthday... So then Saturday at the show, we had the new guy to the event's team announce to the whole show that it was his birthday only to find out that it was not his birthday. Jory then came over to me at our booth and said - it isn't his birthday til September.... I told him, I know... But if you knew that you wouldn't of made the announcement.... lol Such good times...

Sunday we got to visit some quilt stores. Amazingly - I didn't buy anything. The first place though did have some wonderful samples that I could of gone crazy... The area was just perfect. So laid back. Beautiful homes and I just loved the huge lilacs. We ended our day road trip in York, Maine. According to Gertie Garmin, it was the farthest tip we could go - when you are at the lighthouse - you are just surrounded by water.

I also found my dream home if I ever win the Powerball lottery. This house was just perfect!
It was just a good day. Angie and Vicki - thanks again for wonderful memories and good laughs and good times.

Was great to see everyone again at the show - Kris, so glad we actually got to have lunch together one of the days to catch up. Will look forward to seeing you again in Texas....

But now it is time to put another load of laundry in the dryer, get the boys ready for school and head off to work.... In New Hampshire, the motto is Live Free or Die and in Maine, it is The Way Life should be. I so totally agree - that laid back small town feeling is just perfect. When things are busy and just out of control - I will remember that is not all that important - remember the Way Life should BE!

So til next time....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh boy - where have I been????

Well, between work hours, kids and the house... we have been busy around here.

It has been awhile since I have posted....

In the past month....

I have been trying to get a mailing out but keep getting some back.... Going to be crunch time soon and hopefully all the details will come off without a hitch. Had several meetings with school about an incident with Jake that happened involving an x-acto knife. Apparently they don't feel this is a weapon... Long story there that is too long to go into. But I am not letting it drop and going up over the school til something is done. There was so much more to it than boys will be boys... I just puts me in a tailspin when I think about it - makes me so mad... Also had a meeting at the school on Jake's IEP - that actually went really well. I think they listened to us and Jake attended this time. He spoke his mind and told them what he needed from them. Was pretty proud of him. He is doing so well this year - really surprises me. Lucas - now he is struggling a bit in school but I think that is just the teen thing and wanting to hang with friends and be cool... But that is just my opinion.... We also met with the Orthopedic surgeon about another surgery for Lucas. Not sure if it is something we will do - it is a major one with a long recovery. So we will get some more x-rays in a couple weeks and meet with him again to decide. He is young and has so much life ahead of him - that it is hard to think this
might stop him from doing things in life. So might be the factor to decide to go ahead with it. Will mean we will be spending the summer on crutches and recovering... But we will see.

The boys scouts had a car wash yesterday. Both boys worked on that and got some car washing training.... Well, maybe not. I had to go to the pros after they washed my truck. Apparently they just washed the hood and the windows - nothing below that.... It was pretty dirty to start with - but pretty dirty still in the end... Weather was perfect though for a car wash. Both Tom and Jake got pretty burnt. Lucas - just "tan". They didn't have a very good turn out this year, but did raise a little money for the troop.

I have been taking more photos of the beautiful blooms this spring. This is the lilac in my back yard. It smells wonderful! I just wish the blooms lasted longer....

Friday night, I went to see Ron White with Angie, Vicki, Judy, and Danita. Oh and Angie's George and aunt and uncle.... It was so hilarious. Angie is probably glad she didn't sit by me though - there were some jokes that needed some explanation..... But it still was hilarious and we had such a great time!

I got to spend an afternoon scrapping with Sadie. We met so many years ago when she took classes from me. Then she ended up working at HOTP and that is where she met Justin. Such a cute couple and I had a great time just spending the afternoon at their house.

Last night, I did some sewing and made this table runner for my Mom for Mother's day. So now off to make a card and head over to see her....

Happy Mother's Day to all of you that are mom's or have mom's or have someone special that is like a mother to you! I have some pretty special people in my life that are like a mom to me - I so appreciate you all! Thank you for your love and support.

Enjoy your Sunday! We are having beautiful weather here so hoping to be out in a bit today...
Til next time.