Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lucky #8...

I have never done one of these, but my cute friend Jennie tagged me in her blog.... so figured I would try this one.

I've been tagged!
8 things tag rules are:
*post rules on your blog
*answer the 6 '8' items
*let each person know they are tagged by leaving them a 'comment'
here goes...
'8' favorite TV shows
1. Amazing Race
2. Rescue Me (when it is on...)
3. Extreme Home Makover
4. Apprentice
5. The Biggest Loser
6. Wife Swap/Trading Spouses
7. Survivor
8. Rock of Love Bus tour with Bret Michaels (why do I watch this show??? Where do they get those women - must have a special application.... just can't turn it off though when watching.)
'8' things i did yesterday
1. Took the boys to school and picked them up again after school.
2. Went to both jobs
3. Took the boys to the pool along with a friend of Lucas'.
4. Put gas in my truck, well, I live in Oregon though so the guy actually pumped the gas.
5. Tried to order pictures on line but couldn't just choose 50 so I missed the special.
6. Ate a salad from Wendy's for dinner.
7. Had lunch at Schlotsky's (spelling) for the first time.
8. Made a menu and grocery list for the week.
'8' things i am looking forward to
1. Dinner out tonight for our anniversary.
2. Tom taking down the swingset and moving the shed.
3. Planting my new flower box with spring flowers.
4. Taking the boys to the beach for Spring Break (or at least a couple days.)
5. More traveling this year.
6. Seeing good friends.
7. Home remodeling projects.
8. A cup of coffee....
'8' favorite restaurants
1. Olive Garden
2. Red Lobster
3. Moe's
4. Juan Colorado
5. Joe's Crab Shack
6. Bellagio's Pizza
7. Gustav's
8. McDonald's
'8' things on my wish list
1. health for self, family and friends
2. a cure for cancer!
3. be out of debt
4. my boys grow up to be fine gentlemen
5. update the house - get rid of the ugly carpet in my kitchen!
6. have my good friends that live all over the country - live closer...
7. travel to all 50 states
8. live in a log cabin.
'8' people i tag
1. Paris
2. Shauna
3. Kathy Jo
4. June
5. Angie
6. Vicki
7. Shanna
8. Mary Ruth
have fun!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

he lives...

A short update...

Dad came home and actually was pretty calm. Lucas took him out to the scene and explained again what happened. "But Dad, you should read Mom's blog. You will then see that this is humorous..."

They were out in the garage for some time, so I went out to double check that all was ok. They were putting away the tent and such and all was ok. Dad admitted that it was partly his fault for leaving the paint can out on the sawhorses.

Lucas was majorly relieved that the ending was happy...

He is home early again though today from school. He called me this afternoon saying he had a migraine. So Tom went to pick him up and brought him home and some medicine. Well, apparently he threw up at school - one of the steps when he has a migraine coming on. I come home and he has a bag on the couch... "What is in the bag?" "It is my puke bag." ON MY COUCH!!!! The school sent it home so in case he got sick in the car.... But couldn't they of given him a clean bag???? REALLY?

Anyway, I don't think I will ever understand the true meaning of BOY.

But he lives another day.... How many more until age 18?

Til next time...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In loving memory of my son, Lucas...

Well, I am not sure where to begin...

So will start at the beginning.... (Note: there will be no pictures of this incident to protect the innocent...)

This evening as I was watching the news and catching up on emails, Lucas decided that he wanted to raise his basketball hoop and that he needed something from the garage. I told him he should wait for his dad to come home and he would help. "No, Mom. I know what I am doing. I can do it." I repeated myself again probably 5 times to him still going out to the garage. About 5 minutes later, he came back into the house with paint all over him.

"Mom, I need help. How do I clean up spilled paint?" Oh not good...

I went out there and he had knocked over a can of primer and it spilled probably half the gallon right in the middle of the garage floor splattering paint on everything within range! How in the world do you clean up paint??? I don't know. So call Tom - Lucas calls Dad at work. "We have had an incident. I spilled some paint. A lot of paint. How do I clean this up? I am so sorry... Oh crap - is this a message??? " So we try Tom's cell, but he never turns it on unless he is calling us so no luck there.

As we are standing around literally watching the paint dry on the garage floor, Vicki calls... Oh good - she will know! She is a mom and should know these things... After a comforting story from Vicki about her driving her corvette into the garage when it was being painted and spilled the paint all over the car and a sobbing Lucas.... "Dad is going to kill me. Dad is going to kill me. Dad is so going to kill me." we started mopping up the paint with paper towels. THREE rolls later, we could see the concrete. When reading the label on the paint - it said that it was good on concrete! Maybe we should just paint the whole floor, maybe Tom won't notice....

We got some buckets of water and my new mop - of course I had already thrown the old one away - and started scrubbing the floor. Poor Lucas... I vented on him for awhile and then we started to see some humor in it. But he is really freaked about when Dad gets home.

"Mom, I really need you to back me up on this. I am helping to clean it up."

"Dad always says there is no such things as accidents - how am I going to explain this one?"

"I am going to stay out here cleaning on this til Dad gets home so he knows I am trying to fix it."

I just kept telling him... "Well, it really has been a pleasure knowing you...."
"What have you learned from this?"

"Listen to when Mom when she says wait for Dad!"

But after about an hour of mopping and scrubbing - I think we got most of it cleaned up. Tom is going to be home late so think I should put Lucas to bed before he gets home... Lighten the blow maybe. The funny thing is that Lucas is now very hoarse and squeaky. We keep saying it is his voice changing because he is thirteen, but really it is his cold... Anyway, makes it a little more humorous. When I picked him up after school today, I asked him, "Why are you so hoarse?" He said, "I am not a horse!"

So keep him in your thoughts that he survives Dad coming home....

I told Lucas that if I got any paint on my new pants, he was buying me new pants. When we were washing our hands - he was looking at my pants "Mom, did you get any paint on your pants?" He doesn't mind spending money if it is for him.... lol

Kids - will I survive them???

Til next time...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

neglected blog...

Well, looks like I haven't been here since the 10th. Must be time for an update.

Sick kids, sick kids, sick kids and more sick kids... The boys have been out of school this whole past week. I think I have bought every type of cold medicine, comfort food, herbal tea and popsicle out there! How does one go about buying stock in Nyquil??? But think they are starting to feel better. There was some arguing yesterday and lots of stop touching me... So think they are back to school tomorrow. Lucas' cough is still hanging on but think I need to get him moving around a bit and off the couch and he will start to feel better. Think first on his list of to-do today will be laundry and working on picking up his room...

Other than sick kids... Been working, working and working... Hoping to feel like I have accomplished something soon.

So, I better get to my day. The to-do list is long and for some reason, these tasks don't take care of themselves.

Enjoy your day and I will try to be back here more often!
Til next time...

PS - Shauna, you are always in my thoughts - but I will be thinking of you for sure tomorrow. I hope all goes well.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

on the road again....

I am heading off to sunny California - at least I am hoping it is sunny - in the morning... So tonight I am frantically trying to pack, clean bathrooms, do laundry (necessary in order to pack) and just getting ready to go.... I will check in with you as I can - so have a great rest of the week and weekend.

Til next time...

Oh almost forgot... report cards came in the mail today! I am so proud of Jake. He has all A's but one C - which is in science and there are kinds of issues there so we are happy he is getting the C. But for all the trouble he had and me worried about how he would do in Middle School - I am just so happy for him. He works so hard and it is paying off for him. Lucas is also doing well. His grades are so much better at this school than last year's school. He is still having a hard time with Spanish, but he is actually studying now and doing his assignments so I am sure that will come up soon. But other than that, he is getting all B's and one A - in band of course... lol Anyway, it was a good day to actually open report cards! I am so glad that we were able to move the boys to this school this year, because they are both doing so well.

Ok, enough of the proud momma....

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am still here!

Wow, been awhile since I have updated my blog... So what have I been doing to keep me away? Well....

I got home from Arizona on the 26th of January and been going ever since.... I went out of town with a cold and it came back worse this week. I pretty much spent yesterday in bed and on the couch. I did finally get out of the pjs about 5pm, when I took Lucas to spend the night at a friend's house. Tom and Jake and I went out to dinner and when I got home, I was back in bed again... Today going on Zicam and wellness tea - good stuff!

Other than being sick and working a lot - I did get to go out to dinner friday night to the Melting Pot with Vicki, Angie, Danita and Judy to celebrate Judy's birthday. Never been there before and it was wonderful. The food was good but the company was the best. Always a good time with these girls. Thank you Vicki - you didn't have to - but I so appreciate it! The boys were glad to get their loan back but somehow thought that a 5 hour loan accrued interest! lol They are so cute... But really, thank you - you are the best! Judy - Happy Birthday - it was a fun night. Danita - hope you continue to feel better. And Ang - we are ready to hit the road soon!

This Wednesday, I am off to Costa Mesa, CA. Will be nice to be back in the sun again. I am going with Angie to work a convention. Last one was in November and the break is over already. Time to get back on the road. The conventions are a lot of work, but at the same time, a ton of fun. You get to meet so many people and just always seems to be lots of laughter. Best medicine for anyone! And of course, I get to see my buddies that are other vendors... Always a big family reunion, practically. Kris - what restaurants are you going to? Do you have my new cell phone number so you can call me from across the room???? LOL

So lots to do before I leave. I better get to the to-do list. It was ignored yesterday and somehow it doesn't just take care of itself. I even have to brave a trip to the grocery store today - dread those field trips!

So have a wonderful rest of your day...
Til next time...