Sunday, August 31, 2008

now we wait....

So took Lucas up to OHSU this afternoon for his MRI. It took 3 hours... Went by actually pretty fast because I had a book and my iPod. I discovered that I have solitaire on my iPod so that took up lots of time, mostly trying to figure out how to play... Hopefully we will hear something soon and not have to wait til our appt on the 11th. At least if I can tell football an answer...

Tom and Jake made it home. So everything is back to normal already with the boys. I swear - 5 minutes and they are at it... Can I send them back to school now???

Well, hope you all are having a nice long weekend and finding something fun to do. Stay safe if you are traveling.
Til next time...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

just hanging with "Dozer"...

Here are a couple pictures from when I dropped the boys off at camp - I look forward to this now all summer, but really when I drive off, I am surprised how hard it is to actually leave them... Notice Lucas - typical pose anymore...
This is actually a good one of the two of them. Jake had a good week again at camp this year. There are adults there, but just makes me think of the "Lost Boys" running amuck at these things... Especially when I hear the stories afterwards... I wish Lucas could of made it longer than one night though. But it was just too hard to get around on the crutches...
Jake is prepared with his pack. Hmmm... This is pretty light. Did you pack anything to get you through the week? Turns out he didn't. He suffered through the hike because he didn't take his hiking boots. He was kicked out of his cabin because he was too stinky. This kid stays in the same clothes all week. They finally made him shower on Wednesday... He got there on SUNDAY!!!! But he ended up in Lucas' patrol cabin. They apparently all stunk too so he spent the rest of the week there...
This is the view from our little hotel room in Hoodsport where we stayed on our return trip. It was just so relaxing and quiet! I want to go back and just stay there....
It is very hard to get any good pictures of Lucas anymore. I was surprised he actually stood still for this one and didn't put his hand up or make some funny face... I can't believe how fast the time is going by - not a little boy anymore...

Well, "Dozer" (nickname he picked up from Football last year.) and I are just hanging out again this weekend. Tom and Jake are off on their last backpacking trip for the summer. Yesterday before they left, Jake and I went and did a little back to school shopping. Something I started doing last year, just taking one kid at a time and doing their shopping. It takes a little longer but I like the one-on-one with them. So they headed out about 3:30 and it was then just Dozer and I.

Lucas has really gotten into football. He is turning 13 next month (actually been in training for those teen years for some time now....) and I have been checking into tickets to a Seahawks game. Oh but not sure I can pull it off. They are pretty spendy. But the last pre-season game was on tv last night against Oakland Raiders so we ordered a pizza and watched the game. Ok, he watched the game. I have been so tired lately. I laid down on the couch and lasted for about the first quarter. Then woke up a few times to check the score... Then before I knew it, it was last few seconds of the game... Then we called it a night.

Today we are just taking it easy. Catching up on some household chores and just hanging out. I think we will finish up the school supply shopping this afternoon. But need to do an inventory of leftovers from last year. See what can be recycled. I can't believe the supply lists each year. Really do they need all of that??? I know there are so many kids that can't provide their own supplies, but things are tough all around. I can't really afford to supply for the class. I think this year, I am only sending basics and they can keep a back stock of supplies here at home. When they need something, it will be here. I just can't justify sending them two dozens pencils on the first day. Seriously??? Anyway, seems like every year, the folders, binders, etc come home not even used. And where are all those CD's, VHS tapes and cassette tapes that have been sent over the years? I have never seen those come home with anything. If it turns out that they need something specific, then we will get it. Comes to be a time when a line needs to be drawn. Anyway, enough on that tangent...

Tomorrow afternoon, we will head to OHSU for Lucas' MRI. We finally got it scheduled. He won't see the Orthopedist til the 11th now, but hopefully the MRI will at least give us an answer to whether he will play football at all this season or if we need to focus on physical therapy or something to get him ready for next year. They said to plan for at least 3 hours or more for the MRI. They are doing from his hips down to both knees. Guess just being thorough or something. So will take my book and iPod to help pass that time... So hopefully this will get figured out and the kid can get on with better things.

So hope you all have a good weekend. Last before the new school year starts. I am hoping this will be a clean slate. Boys are starting at a new middle school. We went to pick up their schedules earlier this week and took a little tour of the school. They both saw lots of kids from either last year, lacrosse, football or scouts, so they will not be going not knowing anyone. I got a good feel from the school. So hoping this will be a good change for the boys. Will be a big change for me as I will be driving them to and from school now. Since they are part of an Open Enrollment program, they are out of the busing system. So it will be me...

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your long weekend!
Til next time...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I finished a book....

Well, not sure when I started this one but actually finished it in less than 4 years like the last one.... I just finished reading At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks. I just really like his books. It had me frustrated for awhile - was she trapping the guy to get married??? Was it someone else's baby??? Is she lying??? Will he ever write again??? What is that ex-boyfriend really out for??? But then towards the end it turned into a can't put down. Will the baby be ok??? I was waiting at football practice the other night when I was finishing the book - oh man, it ended said... I wasn't expecting that. I am sure people were wondering why was I crying in my truck??? I won't tell you how it ends in case you want to read the book. But it did turn out to be a very good book.

So now I have started Marley and Me. I picked this one up awhile ago when Shauna and I were hanging out at the bookstore. I just can't seem to be reading more than one at a time.. Takes me too long to get into the story to be keeping them straight. But heard this one was a good one and will make me laugh. I can use that....

Well, not sure if Lucas is going to make it to football practice tonight or not. Having some issues. Must of been what he ate for lunch.

Tom and Jake need to do a little shopping tonight for their campout this weekend. Tomorrow it will be a mad dash through school supply shopping for us. So better get off this computer and figure out our evening....

Have a good one.
Til next time.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nicholas Family news...

So been another busy week. Work, work, and more work. Kids, kids and more kids...

I took Lucas to football practice this week. Poor kid is still not able to play. He has been hobbling around on crutches and just watching from the side lines. I finally got ahold of an orthopedist that can see him on the 4th - instead of the 29th of Sept. And they want an MRI before the appointment. So hoping we can get that this week. At least if we could find out if this is something serious or if it will work it's way out and possibly he can play this season. Or if we need to pull him out and get him healed up for next year. Yesterday, we went to the jamboree. The team did pretty well. It was exciting to be in the stands again. But a bummer to see Lucas on the sidelines on his crutches. He gets pretty down in the dumps because he can't play so it was cool at the end of the jamboree, one of the coaches said - hey Lucas, when are you going to be back in the house? We need you man. That was great for him to hear and he walked a little taller.

Wednesday was Bob (Loritta's husband) service. It was very nice. I went over to her house for a bit after with a couple gals from the bunco group. She is holding up pretty good. Breaks my heart she has to go through so much. It is wonderful that she has so many people around to support her.

Friday was my buddy Sadie's last day at work. I have known Sadie for close to 10 years now. She took classes of mine when I taught at a store in Vancouver. So the boys and I went down and met her for lunch along with a big group of others from work. Then the little stinker snuck off and paid for everyone's lunch... We were supposed to be taking her for lunch... But I have so enjoyed having her there. We would go out to lunch and just have some good laughs. I will miss her. Now we will just have to have dinners together...

Jake, Lucas and I did some closet cleaning yesterday. Did our inventory of what they need to start school. I am hoping over this next week to get my house "clean swept" so we can start off the new school year somewhat organized... If I can figure out what that is...

Tom and Jake are planning a hike/camping trip next weekend. Think they are going somewhere around Mt Hood. So will finish up house stuff and getting ready for school.

Today it is raining - I am kind of glad to see it. We have had some really weird weather here but something about the rain just makes things fresh again.

My parents came by for a visit today. Mom's garden is in full swing so she brought me corn on the cob, green beans, zucchini, fresh cut flowers and even some canteloupe. Think the canteloupe were from the store though... So tonight with the goulash, we will have fresh corn and melon. May make some zucchini bread tomorrow after football. Mom also brought me a bunch of pictures that her mom had. Grandma passed away earlier this summer and I made a small photo board for the service. Mom didn't know what to do with the board and the remaining photos, so looks like a memory book I will be making... Just need to make the time to do it. She had a bunch of pics of me growing up. I don't have any but one of me at age 2. So even though they are not flattering pictures, it is nice to have them. I may brave it one day and share them...

Sorry our movie escape didn't work out today, Shauna.... We will have to try again soon.

So - better finish up dinner. Load some more laundry. Get some stinky boys to take their showers. Finish up some more projects for work and call it a night before Army Wives...

Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Til next time.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

busy morning ramblings....

Well, another Saturday morning around here. Just the usual. Get the laundry going. Load and start the dishwasher. It is going to be another scorcher of a day here today, so thought I would put a pot of beef stew going in the crock pot for dinner. Because come dinner time, the last thing I am going to want to do is cook something for dinner.

Last night, Tom took Lucas and I out to dinner at Newport Bay. Think everyone else had the same idea because it was crowded. We received a gift card of $$ off and it expired on the 21st.. Heard a few other people saying that they needed to get in and use it before it expired - again - reason for the restaurant to be so busy. That marketing mailing was working for them... Anyway, was a good salmon dinner.

After dinner, I made peanut butter bars. A recipe I found on Mary Ruth's blog - girl - you post some yummy treats!!!! Tom and Lucas really liked those treats and since I didn't have to turn on the oven - even better.

Jake comes home from summer camp this afternoon. I hope he had a good time. I am sure he did - bunch of boys with adult supervision at a minimum.... oh yeah! I saw him for a bit on Monday when I went back to pick up Lucas and just trying to get a goodbye out of him was like - oh yeah - see ya mom. Got things to do... Oh well, I am glad he was having a good time.

I have a baby shower to go to this afternoon. Finished making a card this morning so better make a run to the store and pick up a gift. The mom is having a little girl so I get to shop in the pink section! Only bummer about going shopping now is the crazy back to school shoppers. Gees - what is with that? Do they not see that when they try on 15 pairs of shoes and leave them in the aisle that this could cause a problem for other people who are trying to go down the aisle with a cart!!! Please.... Anyway, better get to it, my morning is getting away from me.

Have a good day. If it is a hot where you are as it is here - stay cool! Hoping this is the last of our heat wave...

Til next time.

Friday, August 15, 2008

with saddened heart....

I have sad news. My friend Loritta from my bunco group - just called a little while ago to let me know that her husband, Bob, passed away a couple of hours ago. He has been suffering from cancer for so long that this is a blessing that he is no longer in pain. But it doesn't hurt any less. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. She is a very strong woman but has been going through so much for so long. She still has so much ahead of her.

My deepest sympathies to you, Loritta, and your family.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

who let the squirrels out???

Or IN???? That is right - right into my living room. I was sitting here in the living room on my laptop and the front door was open to help cool off the house. And in walks a squirrel! Startled the $#$** out of me.

May be time to price screen doors!

Monday, August 11, 2008

why even bother making a plan???

Well, this must be the summer of changed plans…. Seems like there hasn’t been much that has gone according to the plan.

So with that said… here is the latest update of changed plans.

I drove up yesterday to take the boys to summer camp. Smooth drive, without incident. The campsite was in a beautiful setting on Hood Canal. If I was a camper, I would of stayed in a heartbeat. But as the boys unloaded their packs and got checked into camp, I found out the ferry schedule and then headed to Bainbridge Island. I caught the ferry over to Seattle and then drove to Vicki’s house in Maple Valley. This really is such a pretty area. If they could just get rid of the expense of living here and all the traffic – I could live here.

I had a nice dinner with Vicki and her girls. We watched Army Wives and called it a night. As I was setting up to do some work this am, I turned on my phone and had a message from Lucas. He was having such a hard time at camp. The trails to get around were gravel and loose dirt. Lots of hills and just overall too hard to do on crutches. The scout leader thought it would be best if he went home.

I packed up my things. Had a short breakfast visit with Vicki and headed back to the ferry. Got to camp and couldn’t find Lucas. He did make it up to the Archery Field so I made my way that direction. Found Lucas and Jake both there – so that was pretty cool. I watched them shoot arrows for awhile. A camp vehicle picked up Lucas and took him to his campsite. I wandered over there but couldn’t stop from taking pictures… lol Just such an amazing area.

We got Lucas’ pack put together and he started hobbling to the parking lot. I lugged his pack – man, what did he pack??? Finally, I just dropped the pack and went to get the truck. I drove a bit past the restricted area – oh well. What are they going to do, give me a ticket???

Then I went back to the camp office – signed him out and we headed home. Figured I should probably get him in to the doc again this week. Have an MRI and just see what really is going on in there. He is not getting any better. If anything, he is getting worse.

So as we are driving home, I am seeing all these cute little motels along the water and just really not wanting to go home… But before I knew it, we were in Shelton and away from the water. Tom called and I told him that I really wish I could just turn around and stay a night. It is so pretty here. He says – just let me know… Oh well, in that case, we pulled over and called information about those little motels. I got ahold of Sunrise Motel. Very reasonable rates and with a view! So back we went to Hoodsport. I got Lucas settled into the room - ok I see now why the rates are so reasonable. Grabbed a burger from around the corner for us for dinner and now I am sitting on the deck outside our room looking over the docks and water. There are guys fishing to the right of me and there are people out in their boats to the left. Birds flying around and the sun is starting to go down… Now this is vacation! I wish I could stay all week…. It just doesn’t take much for me anymore to totally get hooked on this laid back whole relaxed thing. Guess the hustle and bustle of live just really makes me enjoy it when I can.

Well, better see about getting Lucas in the shower and cleaned up. Camping definitely is a dirty adventure… We will be home tomorrow and I will share some of the pictures I have been taking here. Just not the same as being here though – add this to my list of must come back to….

Til next time…

Saturday, August 9, 2008

hello all....

Well, here it is Saturday again... Just been doing laundry, mowing the "grass" aka dry weeds, grocery shopping and house chores today... The boys are getting packed for summer camp. I can't believe summer is almost over. Only a few more weeks and we will be back into the school routine.

Last night was Bunco. That was fun. Always good to have some good laughs. I stopped on the way and picked up Guitar Hero for the boys' Wii. They were up pretty early this am playing it already.

Tomorrow, I take the boys to summer camp. We will be back next saturday. I am going to go visit friends in the area while the boys are at camp near Shelton, WA. I hope Lucas will be ok as his knee is still giving him trouble. Tom picked him up some crutches today and I think they are helping him get around a little more. Maybe this will help his knee heal without so much pressure on it.

Send up some happy thoughts.... I have several friends and family going through so much right now and they could use a little extra sent their way. A friend, Loritta, had a second surgery on her shoulder this week and the shoulder was beyond repair. This was not good news. While she was recovering from this shoulder's first surgery, she tripped and injured her other shoulder. She is waiting to meet with her doc and see if anything can be done for that one. While she is trying to recoop from these injuries, her husband is suffering from cancer. It doesn't look good. She has so much on her plate right now....

Another friend, Beth, had surgery on her back yesterday. She did call one of the bunco gals last night and she was home and doing well. She had pain from the incision but she said that for the first time in three years, she wasn't in pain. Beth - I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Then my neice, Miranda, is in the hospital again. They are not sure what exactly is going on with her. She has had so many things she has gone through since she was 11 years old. She is now 24 and still faces so many difficulties. She just came back from a wedding in Spokane and her foot was really swollen. They took x-rays thinking it may of been broken. She doesn't have feeling on her right side so she might have done something to it and not even know it. Then they were saying she might have a blood clot. But then at the same time, they just really don't know. Anyway, please keep her in your thoughts. She is a special young woman and could just finally catch a break....

Of course, Shauna, you are always in my thoughts. This was a chemo week for you so I hope you are feeling a little better now later in the week.

Paris - you always have so much on your plate - I hope you are getting by and have finished up all those brushes.

Mary Ruth - I hope that you are doing well with being pregnant. I can only imagine how miserable you are in that Texas heat....

It just seems that life has been so hard lately. What happened to the happy ever after? I hope that things turn better soon.

So off to finish getting ready to leave town. Hugs to you all hope you have a good week.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

they are home already???

Well, stopped at the store last night to pick up some ice cream - just been really wanting some coconut pineapple in this heat. Had a message on the phone when I got in the truck - Tom and Jake were home... Hmm, they weren't supposed to be home til friday. So Lucas starts with all the circumstances that could of made them come home early. Dad fell and broke his leg and Jake hiked out either dragging him or to get help..... But nothing like that.

They got there Monday morning and hiked in 6 miles. Then they realized they did have enough fuel for their camp stove. So they hiked back out. 12 miles that day. Ended up getting a hotel (oh boy this is roughin' it!) and looked for an REI tuesday am. Ends up - they did a small hike to Devil's Lake and decided to come home. It was pretty hot. They were sore. Jake was getting a blister from his boots and not sure if the fuel was going to last. Tom was using some different kind and it was burning faster. ( I am not a camper - so didn't really know what he was talking about...)

But they made it home safe. Jake got chewed on quite a bit from the mosquitoes and they both got pretty red from the sun. They will probably just take it easy today and maybe hit the pool.

Update on Lucas - took him to the doc monday. Looks like he may have some small tears in the ligaments in his right knee. There is also some fluid in there. So he is taking ibuprofen 3x a day, ice, and on limited activities. So he is participating still in football camp from the sidelines. He is able to go to summer camp with scouts next week, but needs to limit activities. So no hike. He was going for a requirement with a 5 mile hike - will have try another time. Just want him to heal so he can still play this season. He just wants to be on the field, not the sidelines.

So I got to see my cuz, Eric, again at the airport in Philly. His boys were flying home same airline as I was but a couple hours earlier. So got to snag a picture with him quick before he headed home. Thanks Vicki for taking a great picture... It was so great to see him and his family.

Oh I promised you a funny story from my trip so here is the best one that tops many for a while....

But first it needs a little set up....

When Angie was in Vegas for a trade show, she was heading out of the convention center to head to dinner and she ran over a cone. She dragged it under the car and they ended up having to get a security guy to help get the cone out from under the car.

So, on Sunday, we had one box that we needed to ship home so we stopped at Staples. And pulled into the parking space - up over the curb - and parked... We were laughing already... Then Vicki got out of the van and saw this cone next to the shrubs over the curb. She started laughing even more because this cone was just mangled. I told her that I was going to put it under the car. So I stayed in the van waiting to make sure that the shipping counter wasn't right at the windows and put the mangled cone under the tire....Angie and Vicki come out of the store. Vicki is asking me- where is the cone? I told her I put it under the car. She thought I said I put it in the back of the car so she was waiting for Ang to say something because she was now putting something back there. Anyway, Ang comes up along the side of the car and opens her door. "You are not going to believe this. But there is a cone under the car..." I am thinking, I can believe it! So we are all laughing - mostly because Ang believes that she ran over this thing and not sure how long it has been under there. She says - oh we should send a picture to Debbie (she was also in the car in Vegas for the first cone) and I say - oh I have my camera right here....

So take pictures .... and here is Ang on the phone posing with the cone.

We just let Ang go on thinking she ran over this cone. But awhile later, she made a comment about - I don't know how I ran over that cone. I said, "I can. Because I put it there...." We laughed some more, well, maybe Ang wasn't laughing that much... Oh what good times. Thanks Angie and Vicki for a great weekend. Oh and I guess, Judy and Danita too.... lol We spent a lot of time with them too.

Well, should probably get to work. Or at least get ready to leave for work. Have a good day. Make time to laugh and hug your families.

Til next time....

Monday, August 4, 2008

this is going to be short....

because I am exhausted!

I got home early this am about 1:30. Our flight was delayed about an hour out of Philly as we waited for a crew.... Hmmmm, that is what happened when we tried to fly from Philly last year on that same flight. Anyway, we made good time and got in just about 30 minutes past our original arrival time.

So got home, dropped the bags and the door and went straight to bed.

Jake woke me up at 4:30am to say goodbye. He and Tom were taking off for their 45 mile hike around the Sisters Mountains.

I went back to sleep and Lucas woke me up as he hobbled around the house at 7:30am. His has been having alot of pain in his knee all weekend.

So with him thumpin' around, I was pretty much awake.

Caught up on laundry today.. Geez - how many towels can three guys use in five days? I think I did three loads of just towels today. Called the doc's office and took Lucas in at 3:30 this afternoon. Looks like he may have some small tears in the ligaments in his knee along with some fluid. So he is to rest it, ice it and take ibuprofen 3 times a day. Well, football camp was to start at 5pm tonight. So we went with our doc note and he followed along in camp from the sidelines. Then we were off to scouts. Again another doc note because summer camp is next week. Got that figured out and now going to try to find something quick to eat. And then I am off to bed.

I have some great pictures from my weekend and some funny stories to tell. But right now, I am just too tired and wiped out. Will post again tomorrow after a good full night of sleep - at least 8 hours....

Til next time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

so long Philly....

Well, we are finished up with the show. Yesterday, and friday for that matter, were busy. We tore down the booth last night and then when to dinner and closed the restaurant. Had some great laughs with Judy and Danita (yes, Shauna - these are the gals from Galloping Horse that had the store in Hillsboro) We had to call it a night though when Vicki and I started getting leg cramps and just couldn't sit in the booth anymore.... Oh what fun memories.

Not sure what the plan is for today. We are getting ready to pack up. Well, I am ready. Just waiting for Ang.... Check out was 50 minutes ago but not really worried about it. The front desk did call me though in my room (if I didn't say before, I ended up with my own room - oh that is a story on it's own) at 11:09 to ask if I was extending my stay and that check out was 11. oh well....

But fly out tonight after 8pm sometime and will be home pretty late. Will be good to be home. Tom and Jake leave tomorrow for their hike around the Sisters for the week so it will be just Lucas and I. Sounds like he has been having a lot of leg pain this weekend so not sure what that is all about. May be going to see the doc this week... I am hoping it is growing pains.

So have a great day.

Oh - I did get to see Eric and his family friday night. He came into Valley Forge with his adorable little girl to pick me up. Then we went out to Pottstown to have dinner at his house. Was great to see him and finally meet his wife, Theresa. His boys were there visiting for the summer and I just got attached to his little girl Emma Lynn immediately. She is just the cutest little peanut. I called her Peanut and Eric says - that is what I call her - Princess Peanut. too funny... She is 13 months and just full of everything. It is so cute how she has Eric just wrapped around her little finger. Austin - his oldest - was visiting some more family so missed getting to see him. But saw some pics and oh how he has grown. He is 6 months older than my Lucas. But did get to see Bailey and Conner and they are growing up so fast. But it has been so long since I have seen them too. Way too long. I have some pics so will post when I get home. But it was just great to catch up and have some good laughs.