Saturday, September 27, 2008

way to go Cats!!!!

We had another great game tonight. Lucas' team played Beaverton Beavers JV Orange. We won 20-6. The boys did a great job and made some awesome plays. One of our guys even ran about 75 yards to score a touchdown, but there ended up being a flag on the play so it didn't count. Refs made some questionable calls tonight that were not in our favor. But in the end - it was an exciting game to watch.

Lucas took cupcakes for the team and they gobbled them up - orange frosting and all... Didn't know who we were playing when I bought the cupcakes. I just know, Lucas likes the color orange and they were better than the yellow ones with little sunshines on them... Now we are home warming up with the fire that Jake has built in the fireplace and going to watch a movie. Been a nice evening...

Til next time...

Friday, September 26, 2008

wow - is he really 13 already???

What a goofy bunch of guys?
Tonight we went to dinner at Applebee's for Lucas' 13th birthday. Wow - I can't believe how fast time is going by. Any suggestions on how we can slow it down? He has been a teenager in training the past year, I have been saying... But overall, he is a good kid and I can't believe that before I know it, he will be off to college.... Well, think I better slow down and get through Middle School and this prospect of dating!!!! Still waiting to see if that grade has come up in Spanish yet....
Lucas has wanted an electric guitar for the past year. He was constantly checking the inventory available online and for the past few weeks has asked me at least 20 times a day - "Did Dad order my guitar yet?" Tom ordered it and we had it shipped to my work so we could hide it better. He was surprised and very excited. Now to learn how to play it - may have some lessons in his future.
Jake took this picture of us at dinner. He has an eye for photography that makes me laugh.
Here is another photo that he took of Tom at dinner.
Kind of looks like bigfoot or something.... lol

Anyway, was a nice evening. Lucas' football team was going to have a pizza party tonight but it had to be rescheduled. So we did our family dinner tonight. Tomorrow we will take cupcakes for the team after the game. This birthday "day" soon becomes a day, a week, a month....

I made some calls today to schedule follow up appointments and such from Lucas' surgery. He is doing really well and so wants to be done with the crutches. He doesn't feel like he needs them anymore. The surgeon said he would feel this way. So gave him a call to see if we need to keep him on them for the full month. Yep - we do. So he has the go ahead to use just one around the house and steal the few steps to the restroom and such without, but when out of the house, he still needs to use both. So two more weeks....

Talked to my dad yesterday. He is doing pretty well. Still in pain from the fall and was scheduled to see the chiropractor that day. He just needs to take it easy - and stay off those ladders for awhile.

Well, have a good evening all - what is left of it. Enjoy the weekend.

Oh here is a couple more photos from the out of town girls visit from last weekend. Shanna from California stayed an extra night so Shauna and I hung out with her for a chunk of Monday before we put her on the MAX to head to the airport....

Shauna and Shanna - who spells it correctly???? Shanna on the MAX - Will she make it to the airport? Should we worry about her - or the people on the train with her????

I received many text messages from her trip through Portland... Always an experience. But her first time ride was successful - even though there are no restrooms on the MAX....

Ok, really - now signing off....
Til next time.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

fall is here....

I really think this is my favorite time of year. I love the chilly mornings, leaves changing, getting out the sweaters and going to football games. I took this picture from a field of sunflowers while driving down to Sherwood Monday morning. Went to pick up my left overs from the garage sale. Did pretty good - over hundred dollars - so of course, bought a ton of adhesives right away.

But I think my Dad took Fall in a whole new meaning. He was on an 8 foot scaffolding Tuesday working on an addition on their rental house. The board flipped out beneath him and he fell directly on his head. Over 20 stitches to the huge gash on his head, an overnight stay in the hospital and pretty stiff and hurting. Think he will be ok - but what will he do when Spring comes along????

Anyway, better get to my day. Just wanted to stop in and say good morning.
Til next time...

Monday, September 22, 2008

so who's birthday is it???

This weekend has been filled with new memories and many many many laughs and just good times. We had some gals come to visit from all parts of the country. Shauna introduced me to an online group many years ago and it is always tons of fun to see them in person. Almost two years ago, when I helped to put on an event in Shauna's honor, many of these same gals came to visit and attend the event. The night before we went to Chevy's and Shanna from California told the waitress that it was Shauna's birthday - so the sombrero and dessert came out. This weekend, she told them again. But we changed it up a bit to make it a photo opp...

Is it Shauna from Beaverton????

Is it Michelle from Arizona????
Is it mine???
Is it Heidi from Arizona????

Is it Angie from Indy????
Is it Ali from Utah???
Is it Paris from Beaverton???? Or is it Shanna from California????

Made for some great laughs, good pictures and the amazing part was the dessert was not spilled all over the table or someone!

Saturday, I missed the fun with the girls. They went to see some sites but I was working at the HOTP Girlfriend's Getaway event. We had a good turn out. I taught two classes and helped the rest of the day with the others.

Then I went and caught up with my family and watched the last half of Lucas' football team. They played against Tigard and won 14-8. It was a great game. It was hard to watch Lucas on the sidelines again, but so very cool at the end. He stood at the front of the lined up team and they all went through and gave him a high five. Then he turned around and high fived all of Tigard's team. He definitely is learning a lot this season about supporting the team and sportsmanship.

We finished the evening by going to dinner at Applebee's. Good conversation with the boys and just hanging out together.

Sunday, I went back over to the hotel and caught up with the girls for breakfast. Just a laid back day. We took Ali and Angie out to the airport and sadly sent them off. Then it was back to the hotel to regroup and make a plan and let Shanna pack up her stuff to change rooms. Off to lunch we went - wow, seems like all we did was eat! We had a great lunch at Gustav's where Shauna joined us. The conversations took so many turns that I can't even get into those, but the laughter was the best. Good thing we were in the back of the restaurant....

Then we just visited more again back at the hotel for a couple hours. I had to head home and Michelle and Heidi soon after went to the airport. It was so great to see all of them and just have some fun. I look forward to the next girls weekend! I hope to catch up with Heidi and Michelle when I visit Arizona in January. Always good to have a plan - right???

But now it is Monday again.... They just seem to come around too quickly. My day started off with Tom saying we need to talk.... Never a good thing... Apparently Lucas is very smitten with a girl in his Spanish class and wants to ask her to a movie..... Uh, ok, that explains the grade in Spanish.... :) I found a progress report in his pocket when I was doing laundry. Wondered why he only gave me three last week.... Saved the one with the bad grade. Anyway, what do we do? How old are boys supposed to be before they ask a girl to the movies???? Is there a manual for teenage boys? I am so confused and so not ready for this.... We decided that when the grade comes up - we will talk about it again. But for now - focus is school and keeping the grades up. The kid isn't even 13 yet. Ok, ok, so he turns on friday.... But to mom - he is still 12!!!!!

Well, I am off now... Need to go to the local scrap store and pick up my left over garage sale items. I hope there isn't much and I can continue to downsize on my "stash". Gees - what happened to the time when all my scrap stuff fit into a shoulder bag. Oh - it developed into a rubbermaid bin, then several, then a room, then a converted garage to a full wall of cabinets!! Anyway, I hope the sale was a success for the store. Then I will meet up with Shanna - have another meal together :) - and then take her to the MAX so she can head to the airport.

Have a good monday.
Til next time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

thumbs up thursday....

yeah, I know, but it is Friday... But got home and had a message from the school. Usually not a good thing - but this time it was. Jake's homeroom teacher (also his language arts teacher) left a message saying that she was choosing Jake for the Thumbs Up Thursday this week. Here I was so nervous about him in Middle School and he is doing great. Guess we just need to let them grow up and see that it all works out.

well, will be short for now. will try to check in later tonight or sometime tomorrow.
Have a good weekend...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

can it be true???

Tomorrow is Monday and I can't wait??? Been a crazy week and weekend and I am looking forward to the normalcy of getting back to work.

To catch up on Lucas - thursday night was rough for him. He had a hard time sleeping but has been doing pretty good since. He hasn't had to take any pain pills other than Aleve during the day and taking the stiffer stuff at night.

Saturday, Jake and I met up with Shauna for a brief minute. We are taking our extra scrap supplies to a garage sale at a local store so was taking her the leftovers from our garage sale. Was great to see her even if it was just a short minute since our playdate for coffee was put off for friday.

Then we headed towards the music instrument rental place. But seemed like the traffic was just stopped. I called the store and they said the roads were closed for a local parade. Decided we would just try later then. Went home and worked for awhile. Tom and Jake went to the Nature Park to walk. When they got back, we tried the store again.

Oh boy - what was I thinking. A little tip - if your kids are taking band - go for the smaller instruments. They aren't as loud. Or take up so much space. We now have a trombone and a saxophone in this house! We don't have that big of house... These boys haven't played these before. Jake's trombone is about as big as he is! I have quickly learned that I have a new appreciation for doors and headphones.... Lucas found three notes today that were repeated for 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday afternoon, I took Lucas' to his football game. He was feeling up to it so we went for the second half. They played Sunset (arch rival) and won 12-0. Glad he could be down there for part of it anyway.

Today has been a little yard work early this am before it got too hot, some household chores, some work and just hanging at home. My parents and my brother stopped by for a bit on their way home from the beach. Made them lunch and they were on their way. Tom and Jake spent the day at the range so it was pretty quiet around here - aside from the sax... I wonder if my neighbors can hear that? I haven't heard many dogs howling yet so maybe it is muffled.

I needed some things from the store so Jake went with me. We hit Sonic for a cherry lime aide before wandering the grocery store. I just hate going to the store. Still didn't come home with any plans for dinners this week. Just need someone to do that chore for me and I would be a happy person...

Anyway, better get the boys to bed. Army Wives will be on soon. I am so glad to see they are back with new shows.

Have a good rest of the night and a good week.
Til next time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

what happened today....

Just a short little note as we are pretty wiped and heading to bed around here....

Lucas ended up having surgery this afternoon. They put a screw in his hip to prevent the growth plate from slipping anymore. He will remain on the crutches for another month and his foot should start to turn back in gradually over time. He is pretty tired but doing ok as far as pain and getting his appetite back. So thanks everyone for the happy thoughts and support. It is so greatly appreciated. I am hoping that this guy can start to get back to himself. End result is no football for this season. He will be helping the coaches from the sidelines.

So off to bed for me...

numbers from a day we will never forget...

Number killed in attack on New York, in the Twin Towers and in aircraft that crashed into them: 2,823

Distance, in miles, from which the burning towers were visible: 20

Maximum heat of fires, in degrees fahrenheit, at World Trade Center site: 2,300

Number of days underground fires at World Trade Center continued to burn: 69

Number of days that workers dug up debris at Ground Zero, searching for body parts: 230

Number of victims identified by New York medical examiner: 1,102

Number of death certificates issued without a body at request of victims' families: 1,616

Number of people still classified as missing from the World Trade Center that day: 105

Number of people who died when American Airlines flight 11 from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center: 92

Number of people who died when United Airlines flight 175
from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center: 65

Number of people who died when United Airlines flight 93
from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, crashed in rural southwest Pennsylvania: 45

Number of people who died when American Airlines flight 77
from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon: 64

Number of people killed in the Pentagon: 125

Number of firefighters killed in the rescue attempt: 343

These are by far too many numbers that we can not forget. I was not directly effected by losing a loved one on this day 7 years ago, but this is a day that I will not forget. The feel of helplessness, the violation on our country, the sadness, the confusion, the stories of families looking for their loved ones that were missing, the stories of those that were lost that day, and yet the pride of a country coming together is support of each other, the flags waving....

So please take a moment today to remember 9-11-01 and all those people lost their lives in such a tragic way. I will not forget.

I hear people saying we don't need this war
I say there's some things worth fighting for
What about our freedom and this piece of ground?
We didn't get to keep 'em by backing down
They say we don't realize the mess we're getting in
Before you start preaching
Let me ask you this my friend

Have you forgotten how it felt that day
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away?
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell
And you say we shouldn't worry 'bout Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?

They took all the footage off my T.V.
Said it's too disturbing for you and me
It'll just breed anger that's what the experts say
If it was up to me I'd show it every day
Some say this country's just out looking for a fight
After 9/11 man I'd have to say that's right

Have you forgotten how it felt that day
To see your homeland under fire
And her people blown away?
Have you forgotten when those towers fell?
We had neighbors still inside
Going through a living hell
And we vowed to get the ones behind Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?

I've been there with the soldiers
Who've gone away to war
And you can bet that they remember
Just what they're fighting for

Have you forgotten all the people killed?
Yes, some went down like heroes in that Pennsylvania field
Have you forgotten about our Pentagon?
All the loved ones that we lost
And those left to carry on
Don't you tell me not to worry 'bout Bin Laden
Have you forgotten?

Have you forgotten?
Have you forgotten?

-Darryl Worley

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

finally some MRI results...

Well, it was 10 days ago when we had the MRI for Lucas. His Pediatrician called tonight about 4:45 to tell me that he had the results. Apparently, it is not his knee - it is his hip. He has a slipped growth plate. We had some xrays back in January that showed some signs of this but apparently it was missed. Now somewhere over this summer he has injured it more to where it is causing him more pain. So our appointment for tomorrow with the sports medicine orthopedist is changed to meeting with an orthopedic surgeon. We are to not give him any food or anything after midnight as he may be going into surgery tomorrow afternoon. Sounds like they will put a screw into his hip to prevent it from moving. I don't know much more than that. Will know more after the appointment at 9:30. So be thinking happy thoughts and I will let you all know what comes about tomorrow.

Til then...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scrap it Forward...

Today I received an email from a gal that I met while I coordinated the volunteers for the CK Conventions a few years ago. Shree is just one of these people that you remember, whether you are in contact with her just once, twice or even every day. I could just tell she was a "good egg" the first time I met her. Today, proves my theory again.

Shree contacted me about ways she could help a mother in her area. The mom had lost her 13 year old son in a terrible boating accident this July. This mom would love to have her photos in a scrapbook to share her memories with her remaining small children and family. She is overwhelmed and not sure where to begin. So Shree is asking for our help. Scrapbookers (I have met so many of you over the past 10 years) have so much compassion. I am hoping you can help us now. Shree is going to post a contest on - she is asking that we submit layouts to help this mom create her scrapbook. (I believe the album is 12x12) Schree is also collecting product donations and those that donate layouts will be part of a drawing for the prize of donated products. I have gone through my scrap room and found some sample layouts that I had done for classes and such. The mom can just add photos and her journaling and the pages will be complete.

These are some themes of the layouts I have...
- Christmas
- 4th of July
- birthday
- fall
- beach
- sports fan

Here are some other theme ideas that the mom has photos of...
- beach vacation
- lake
- baby
- Halloween
- Disneyland
- skateboarding
- family
- school
- sight seeing
- soccer
- scouts
- friends
- cruise - mexican riviera

If you are interested in Scrapping It Forward and helping out with this, I would be happy to pass on Schree's address and you can submit your layouts. She will be collecting layouts from Sept. 15 - Oct. 15th. The drawing will be on Oct. 15th.

Your help is so greatly appreciated.

Til next time...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday Sept. 6th - completed....

The month of September is filled with insane weekend plans for us. We can now cross the 6th off as complete.

Yesterday started with the Boy Scout car wash at 11am. The boys had a great turn out. Plenty of scouts and adults and a steady pace of cars to fill the day. Tom and I had our rigs in there first. Think those were the training vehicles because there are many missed spots when my rig is parked in the sun.... Not sure how many cars they washed, but they raised over $500.
Great job - Scouts!!!!
Lucas (since he is still on crutches) worked customer service. He did a really good job - and he wasn't coached on what to say either. So he would go up to an approaching car and ask, "Can we get your car washed for you?" If they said yes, he would tell them where they are in line, whether they were next or if there were two or three cars in front of them. Then he directed them where they could park and while they waited, they could also get a cookie, water or soda. He did a great job.
Jake worked in marketing and also in production. He waved signs on the corner and also washed cars. The water was actually being sprayed on a car too and not other scouts. All the practice he has had washing cars here at home had paid off...
After awhile, the boys mastered the technique - rinse, scrub, rinse and dry... I think the fact that many of the cars were small cars made it easier on the boys and just looked like an army of scouts on each vehicle and fewer and fewer missed spots. Probably helped too that alot of the cars were light colors - hides the dirt a little better. :)

Lucas and I then left the car wash a little early to head to his football game. He suited up with his jersey and cheered on his team from the sidelines. The boys played a great game against Aloha. Aloha scored the first goal in the first few minutes of the game. But that was their only goal till late in the game. The Westview Wildcats took the game from there. Final score was 39-12. Go Cats!!!! It was an exciting game to watch but I could tell Lucas was bummed he wasn't out there playing. He was supportive of the players though and kept their spirits going on the sidelines. We have his appointment this week with the Orthopedist on thursday so hoping we will finally have some answers about his knee.

After the football game, it was back home and try to figure out something for dinner. Jake wanted Mac & Cheese. He is wanting to learn how to cook more than Top Ramen and PB & J's. So he made Mac & Cheese for the two of us and Tom and Lucas finished off the pizza we made last night. I got off pretty easy!

Then it was on to homework. Jake had an assignment to create a magazine cover about himself. He is quite the "tecky" kid. He had started it at school and accessed his file on the computer. He linked up to my photos and created a collage of pictures. Then he used different fonts and typed overlapping the photos on the page. He figured out how to change the colors of the fonts and sizes. After printing it out, we then trimmed it and added mats of red and black around it. Then he cut off a barcode from another magazine and put that on there. It turned out really cool. I am glad to see that he is excited about school this year. He is still struggling with his writing so I think his computer skills give him an outlet for his creativity. I hope that he continues throughout the year with the good attitude and effort.

Today, Jake and Tom are off to the Expo Center. Apparently there is another gun show this weekend. So Lucas and I are home. I have some projects for work to complete and Lucas has homework. Then of course there are the usual household chores that need to be taken care of. But it will be nice to just be at home and leave the car in the driveway!

Thanks to all of you that sent me replies about my weird dream... It was funny to hear the memories of our travels and such that probably provoked certain points in the dream. Helped to make some of it make sense... I have been trying to watch how late I eat dinner since then and haven't had anymore dreams like that....

Well, hopefully you all are having a good weekend. The morning is almost gone so better get this day started.

Till next time,

PS - also Friday night, I watched the Stand Up To Cancer telethon. It was very moving. I hope that it is a huge step to finding a cure and cancer can something of the past. If you would like more information or would be interested in contributing to the cause - check out

Thursday, September 4, 2008

why do we dream this way?

Ok, so I am not sure how these are all related or if it is simply the fact that I went to bed right after having Taco Bell soft tacos for dinner... But last night - I had the weirdest dream that it needs to be shared. The funny thing is that it seemed so real and even though I was up so many times during the night, it just seemed to be continued like Season 1 of my life....

Anyway, here is a list of characters for you just to show how bizarre this was and you can decide if you want to keep reading...

Me and my Boys
Mindy, Loritta, and Beth (Gals from my Bunco group)
June and Kathy Jo (Friends I have met through Scrapbooking and we have gone to some CKU’s together, done lighthouse tours on the coast together and have just had great times together - good friends)
Vicki, Terri, Judy, Danita, and Stacy ( all people I have met through the conventions and traveled with)
David Ray(also from the conventions that I haven’t even seen in more than three years probably.)
Scott (works pre-press at HOTP)
Shauna and Paris (also friends from scrapbooking and also were co-workers at HOTP)
friendly tow truck man from Canby
some playful polar bears
a large crane
some kind of pier dock thing in a hurricane
a train
and Betty White from the Golden Girls....

So I am not sure where we were going, but I was driving a huge RV (probably bigger than than the one I drove to Alaska) and needed to make a right turn at a light. The intersection was along this waterway like I was on a dock. Kind of even like a slip in a dock where you would park a boat because it wrapped around the water. Anyway... I couldn’t make the turn and ended up in the water. There was this ledge type thing under the water about 4 feet so the RV was resting on this ledge. Not sure how, but it ended up perfectly parallel parked along the street where I was turning. As the water started to cover the floor of the RV, the boys started giving me emergency evacuation guidelines that they had learned in one of those mock emergency drills where an earthquake has hit or something. (My boys have never been to one of these by the way. Although there is one scheduled on the scout calendar for later this month....) As the boys are putting on life vests made from their seat cushions in the RV, I am calling AAA. AAA sends out a tow truck for me and it is my friendly tow truck guy from Canby who towed my van a couple times and seems to remember me every time I run into him in the Canby area.... He comes out and looks at the RV and just is puzzled on how this happened and not really sure what he can do. For some reason though - the boys and I got out of the RV, but we weren’t on the dock, we were in a boat behind the RV so I was watching it all from the water and could see the RV parked along the dock in the water... As the tow truck driver was trying to figure out what to do, 7 polar bears started playing in the water around the RV. The side door wasn’t closed all the way so some got inside and were playing at the table and sitting in the seats up front. The boys lunch was on the table so they were eating that. The bears up front got the radio going so that was blasting with the latest and greatest hits sung by Kathy Jo and June. Now with the polar bears involved and they were endangered species in this area, the tow truck driver was no longer within his jurisdiction to remove the RV from the water. A crane would need to be called in. So a big huge Ford pick up with crew cab and dualies shows up and Paris is driving. I am not sure how tall Paris is but she is not very tall next to me. So Little tiny Paris in this big huge truck with Shauna. Neither of them can get out very easily so they release the blowup slide from their doors and slide out of the truck. They are the crane operators. Since I was so late by this time (must be a regular thing for me because it was never really clear where I was going or why I was late....) they would take care of getting the RV out of the water for me and take the boys to the airport so they could get back home for school.

So I take the boat and go to this long pier thing. There are stairs up to the top where there is a line of people starting to form. They are putting on their yellow rain slickers and waiting to head out on the pier. At the head of the line is Scott. He has a backpack on with his little girl, Clara, in it. He is the tour guide across the pier. Since there are hurricane force winds and rains crossing the pier, no one is allowed across without Scott. In the line, I find Vicki, Terri, Judy, Danita and Stacy. They are all in their slickers and for some reason have matching shoes. Scott takes us out across the pier. Along the way, Scott gave us points of interest about the waves, wind speeds and why the wind made the rain come at us horizontally. The pier was more like just a long dock where we went up to another deck, more stairs and then finally we came out by a train. Not your typical passenger train, but a freight train. Everyone got into the cars, but the one I tried to get into was full so I got in the one to the front. It was very dark and only two little cut outs in the sides to see out. I kept looking around for David Ray and wondering if he got on the train. I looked out the window facing the next car and was talking through it to Mindy, Beth and Loritta. They didn’t know where David was but who was I with? Will I be able to see out of that car when it was time for my stop? I turned around to look through the dark to see who was in the car - I said, “ I am here with Betty White....”

Then I woke up - what on earth??? How strange is this - nothing really makes sense. All morning, I just felt exhausted because it all felt so real.

So I guess Taco Bell soft tacos + acid reflux = extremely bizarre dreams....

Hope to sleep better tonight!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday night wrap-up...

Time for some mid-week ramblings, I guess.

Again - not sure where the time has gone. I think the fact that I haven't been home at all this week but to sleep has a lot to do with it.

Monday - was supposed to be a holiday and a day off but it turned into a prep day for the scout car wash coming up this saturday. Tom and I went to a couple stores to get supplies for the signs. Seems like that was only part of the day, the rest of the day was filled with laundry and inventory of binders for the first day of school. Then Monday evening, we all went to scouts and the boys made the signs for the car wash.

Tuesday - got the boys off to school and I was off to work at HOTP for the day. Shortened the day a bit to get back in time to pick up the boys after school. Then it was football practice and home. Tom made dinner so that was ready when we came home from practice. That was probably the highlight of my week so far - not having to cook dinner...

Wednesday (aka today) - it was another day at HOTP. Back to pick up the boys and football... I am just wiped.. It is after 10pm and the last thing I want to do is anything around this house. So will just call it a night...

Thursday will be another day of school, work for me at Boxer (will be great to see Angie - she has been out of town and just really miss this girl when she is gone....) and will finish off the day again with football. I am hoping that Tom will take Lucas to practice though... I just need an evening at home to catch up on a few things... Not feeling very together with so much chaos..

Anyway, I hope you all that read my ramblings are having a good week. I am grateful for the nice sunshine we are having this week - not too hot - just seems right.

So til next time...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First day of school...

Well, they survived the first day... Lucas found out first thing this am that the school he went to last year did not withdraw him. So his schedule was mixed of old school schedule with new school schedule. That explained why he had teachers from last year, room numbers that do not exist at this school, and 10th period when there is only 7 in a day...

Anyway, it got worked out and I think overall, they had a good first day... Lucas even has his homework done for tonight. I, however, have more forms to fill out!

Now it is off to football practice and to fill out forms!!!!
Til next time...

Monday, September 1, 2008

is it really September already???

I can't believe that it is September already. The summer has just flown by. Tomorrow the boys start school - two middle schoolers, oh boy.... We got looking at the calendar and we have stuff going every single weekend for the month! That is aside from Football if Lucas is able to play. He is still wanting to go to the games though. It will be a busy month... The scout carwash on the 6th, bunco on the 12th, archery field on the 13th and Tom and Jake have something on the 14th - can't remember now...., out of town company coming the weekend of the 19th, the 20th - I help teach at a work event, Tom and Jake will be gone that weekend too for a scout thing, then the weekend of the 26th, that is Lucas' birthday. Whew - that isn't even with week stuff... I am tired already.

Today, just been hanging out.. The scouts are putting on a car wash next saturday. If you are in the area and need your car washed - come by Les Schwab on Walker Rd and 158th between
11am-4 pm. Will have the boys wash your car. So we went today to pick up some supplies for the boys to make signs tonight at their meeting.

Then of course the usual laundry. Tom took Lucas to get a haircut. This was a first - Lucas asked if we could take him??? Hmmm, is there someone we are impressing at this new school?

I read Paris' blog and she made a cobbler from the Pioneer woman site - I had to try it. - there is a blackberry cobbler debate. Both sound so yummy. Tonight though, we are trying cobbler #1. Didn't have all that was needed for #2. I am taking dessert to bunco so will make #2 then. I could not believe how simple this was to make. I am sure it will be yummy - it certainly is making the house smell wonderful as it bakes. I am inspired with new recipes and wanting to try new things after reading your blog, Paris. You Martha Dukes you....

Since I am going to the scout meeting tonight with Tom and the boys - I better finish up getting done what I need to today. This long weekend went by too fast... Will let you know how the cobbler comes out...

Til next time...