Thursday, May 29, 2008

the end of the school year means...

It is time to make those gifts for the teachers again.  I think this is actually my last year of this though.  Jake will be heading off to Middle School next year and with having many teachers, I think we can get away with no gifts then.  Going to pass on Lucas' teachers this year.  It has been such a hard year for him, I don't think he wants to thank any of them.

So tonight, I got a little box made for Jake's teacher.  Actually, it is a sub that he had while his regular teacher was on maternity leave.  We really liked her and her last day is tomorrow.  The box is about 6 inches on each side and about 4 inches tall.  I painted it and added papers, ribbons, folded paper flowers, and silk flowers - held together with brads.  Then I filled the inside with candy.  Just thought I would share - I think it turned out kind of cute.  

Hope you all had a good day today.  It is time to call it for me and head to bed.
Til next time.

 PS - I also thought I would share with you that the tv segment from the Calgary event last month is now posted on   If you search Laura Nicholas, Camp Croppin it comes up.  So if you would like,  you can check that out...  I actually wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be.  I guess it is because I never really made direct eye contact with the camera...

Monday, May 26, 2008

a quick thank you....

Vicki and I on the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor.
Hey Kada - will this one fit in your pool???  I think Tink and I can bring this one home on the ferry though it may not fit in Vicki's car...

Thank you, Vicki!  I so appreciate everything you did this weekend.  Please tell Meagan thank you for letting me stay in her room.  I forgot to put the glow in the dark skeleton back on the lamp though...  Not too sure how she can sleep with that in her room...  Just don't tell Terri that it freaked me out.  Another thing I wouldn't be able to live down with her.

The party was so much fun friday night and our adventure on saturday will go down as another of my cherished memories.  With all you are going through right now, I hope that you were able to just kick back and enjoy.  It wasn't San Diego, San Fransico, New Orleans, or Chicago, but it was still an amazing place and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Thanks again for everything.  You are the best!


some pics from my weekend...

Sorry these are out of order.  This was the momma and calf.

Great picture of Vicki and Tink just after we boarded the ferry in Anacortes.

This was my cookie bouquet from Kathy Jo and June  - thank you so much girls...  You are too sweet - and so were the cookies.

View of the harbor.  This place was so beautiful and just peaceful.  Maybe I should get a boat and do whale tours so I can move there...

This is as we were coming back in to the harbor on the Western Prince.

The water was so smooth you could see as they pushed the water when they moved across the top.  

My camera delayed so I ended up with all of fins in my pictures but I did luck out and see some of the white patches on the whales.


This is the splash after the whale breached just before we headed back to the harbor.

I took over 100 pictures.  Just a great time.


bring on a new decade...

I have made it home from my weekend getaway. It was such a wonderful weekend.

Friday morning, I met with Katrina, Farhat and Toni for breakfast. These are all moms that I have met from Tae Kwon Do. Only Farhat's kids still go but we have such great fun getting together. It has probably been a year since our last time that we met for breakfast but it was great to just catch up again.

Then Katrina took me to the Amtrak station and I was on my way to Tukwilla. The first time I went to Tukwilla, they told me at least 5 times, you know there is nothing there (meaning the train stop in Tukwilla). This time, they wanted to make sure someone was meeting me at the train, because you know - there is nothing there....

Boarded the train and we took off on time. But the were delayed before we even made it to Vancouver. River traffic had the bridge up. We pull into Vancouver and then boards the kids! Our car becomes the "minors traveling alone" car... Joy. Then the ladies behind me started their life long stories... all the way to Tacoma!!! Give me a break. These ladies talked so loud, I could hear them clearly over the noise of the train plus my iPOD!!! Are we there yet so I could get out of there???

Anyway, made it eventually and Tink was there in her "white" van to pick me up. Vicki said, Tink will be there in her white van with red racing stripes. Well, Tink was there in her silver van! It was the joke of the weekend. Tink has only been living with Vicki now for a year and the van has never been white....

Vicki threw me a bday party that night with some yummy fajitas and cheesecake with fresh strawberries. She even added candles! A 4 and Fairly Odd Parents - so guess I was forty odd years old. A couple of her neighbors came, Kada and Pam. What hilarious gals. Turned out that Kada was from Camas and lived there when I was living in Washougal... Small world. Also Connie and Wendy were there. I met these gals during my convention days. Was great to see them again too. The night was filled with great stories and laughs.

Saturday morning, we got up early and headed out for our day. We drove to Anacortes and caught the ferry to Friday Harbor. Was going to be just Vicki and I, but Kada and Vicki surprised Tink with the whale watching for her bday coming up next month. We caught the ferry with just a couple minutes to spare.

Once we were in Friday Harbor, I was ready to move there. What a beautiful place! Seems like the whole hustle and bustle on the island was only when the ferries were being loaded and unloaded. Just laid back and mellow. My kind of place to escape to. We couldn't of asked for better weather. The sun was out - the water smooth - and just perfect. We had time for a quick lunch and then it was time for our whale watching excursion.

The three of us boarded the Western Prince with 26 other people and the crew. Captain Ivan took us out past San Juan Island where we saw the whales. It was so amazing. At first they were out away from the boat. It was so quiet though, that you could hear when they blew out through their blowholes when they surfaced. The crew figured that we had 5 of them around us. There was a mom and baby that would surface together. What beautiful animals. Then Ivan announced that it was time to head back to Friday Harbor. We thought there were enough of us to form a mutiny so we could stay out longer - but they did have another group of people waiting for their tour... Just then, one of the whales breached up out of the water. It was amazing. We all missed it getting it on camera because it caught us off guard. But just then - up he came again. One of the gals on the crew caught an amazing picture of it. I can't wait til she can email it to me. My camera has some funny delay thing going on that I can't change, so I was only able to catch the splash. Just the perfect way to end the tour.

We headed back to the harbor and stopped by a nest where there were eagles. Later we saw the eagles flying over the water. Beautiful birds. We also saw harbor seals. So if you are ever in Friday Harbor - take a ride with the crew on the Western Prince. A true adventure and a perfect way to star off the next decade of my life. Turning 40 wasn't so bad with spending a day like that.

Before catching the ferry back, we did some checking out of the shops in Friday Harbor and had yummy salmon for dinner. We took the ferry back and then drove back to Vicki's house. We watched 27 Dresses. I hadn't seen this yet and wanted to - but think I slept through most of it. I know how it ends!!! Will have to rent it again here one of these days.

Sunday, we took the opportunity to sleep in a bit. Vicki made fruit smoothies and waffles and we just hung out for the morning. I caught the train home about 2:30. Once I got home, I found a package on my scrap table. It was a cookie bouquet! Too funny... I looked at quickly and thought they were turkeys, but then read the center cookie and it said Happy Birthday you old buzzard!!! Instantly I thought - thank you KJ and June!!! Read the card, and yep, it was from the girls. Thank you! The cookies were very good. I was surprised they lasted til I got home... I have added the rest of them to my secret stash... Thank you so much, girls. So wish you could of been here this weekend. We will have to plan a getaway there sometime.

Jake made me dinner last night. He built a fire in the fireplace and roasted hot dogs. Resourceful boy scout that he is...

So today is catch up day. Laundry and housework again... I should probably get to it. Tom and Lucas are on a motorcycle ride today to Astoria. Hopefully they won't have bad traffic.

Enjoy your day. Remember those this Memorial Day that have lost their lives for this country, lost loved ones and to just be grateful for those that continue to fight everyday for us.

Til next time...

PS I will post some pics soon from the weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

oh to be 21 again...

Been a busy day today with visit to the DMV to renew my license, order trophies for the end of the season lacrosse party, work at Boxer, take Jake to tutoring, buy a new book for the train, vacuum out the Tahoe, go to the bank, go to the grocery store, go back and pick up Jake, come home, unload groceries, have a meltdown because there is no room to put the groceries on the counter because the dishes need to be done, put the groceries away, start laundry, clean the bathrooms, watch the last half of Gray's Anatomy season finale and try to figure out what to pack.....  

But there was some fun in this crazy day today.  Angie and Vicki took me out to lunch at Red Robin.  We took two cars because Vicki had a doc appt and Ang was going to get a table before the rush...  Or so the story went.  Ang actually told them it was my birthday!  So after lunch, the waiters come out and sing to me and announce to the whole restaurant that I am celebrating my 21st birthday!!!!!!!!  Slightly embarrassing....  September is Angie's birthday - that is right, she has the whole month blocked out...   I have some time to plan for pay back.  

Well, should get some more laundry done so I can pack.  Tomorrow I am catching the train and going to Seattle.  Actually Tukwilla.  I am going to spend the weekend at my friend, Vicki's in Maple Valley.  We are going to go whale watching out of Friday Harbor on saturday.  A little weekend getaway.  Be home sunday!

Have a good long weekend and if you are driving somewhere, safe travels.
Til next time...


Monday, May 19, 2008

so do you ever just wonder????

Well, it happened to me while I was driving around tonight. Mondays are crazy. I pick up Jake from school, we go to lacrosse practice, we go to get him something to eat and then I take him to scouts. Well, tonight I added in the grocery store and to the bank. It wasn't quite hot enough for the AC anymore so I had all the windows open and even the moon roof was open. So as I was just enjoying getting my errands done, I got to thinking. There sure are a lot of birds flying around and I have the top of my car wide open.... So I got to wonder, what is the chance that one of these birds will leave a little dropping in my car??? Well, what happened really wasn't what I was wondering.... Instead, one of the birds landed in my car! Needless to say... I was out of the car quick.

I just really shouldn't wonder while driving... You would think I would of learned this many years ago when I wondered what would happen if we got a flat tire while riding the motorcycle... Ten minutes after that, I found out...

Well, glad to see it is finally cooling off a bit... Hope you have a good week.

Til next time.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

another tuesday....

Today is another day... Don't know if it is because we have been home so much over the past week, but just feeling a little down in the dumps lately.... So will try to be upbeat!

Mother's day was nice. Tom made breakfast and then took Jake to the shooting range. They brought home with them chocolates, a plant and Pinesol for me..... Need to get the bathrooms cleaned again... Lucas and I hung out at home and watched movies and worked on his homework. Trying to get him caught up before going back to school. Then we had Burgerville for dinner - just love those fish and chips. Then I watched my sunday night "cry" show of Extreme Homemaker. Such a great show but such a sad story this week. Had to break it up with the Survivor finale - three hours of Survivor!!! Or maybe it was two, can't remember.... I mixed it up with some Brothers and Sisters and Army Wives... By the time I went to bed at 11, I was having tribal council, a wedding and saluting with fatigues bouncing around in my head... Hard to get to sleep with all that...

Yesterday, was a good day. Felt like I got some things done. Lucas and I were ready to get out of the house. I had some work to turn in so we went to HOTP for a bit. Finished those up and picked up more work. I had made a photo frame for Scott with pictures of his new little girl over the weekend so I wanted to give that to him. When I was at Scrapbook Attack awhile back, I found this paper that said Dude all over it. This was perfect for Scott, because he calls everyone Dude. It even had dinosaurs and such on it. Definitely boy paper. But I mixed it with some pink paper, paint, a little flower, some ribbon and brads and three pictures that Sherry took shortly after Clara was born. I put a title across one corner that said, will she say "Dude". It turned out pretty cute and Scott really liked it. He needed a little touch of pink around his desk anyway... Maybe I will snag it back from him next time I am in and get a picture of it. Save the idea for the next time I need to make a frame.... lol

Then we stopped by Boxer while we were making our way back home. Angie and Vicki are getting ready to head out of town again for another convention so wanted to just see them for a bit before they left. I only work there once a week so I really miss them when they are out of town... These are two women that I am so blessed to have in my life. True friends that make me smile just thinking about them... Have a great show, ladies! Sure wish I was going with you. Have a lobster for me and send me a postcard! Lucas wanted to see Angie's puppy, Cabo, too. She is just the cutest thing... He enjoyed that and perked him up a bit. He is getting pretty nervous about going back to school so it worked out to give him a little puppy therapy. Funniest part was when he went into the house to see Vicki's dogs out back. Koda is her Boxer, he is a very cute dog, but really not the smartest.... Lucas stuck out his hand to the window to Koda and Koda went to lick his hand, but got the window instead.... Guess he is a window licker.... lol Think Lucas realized later too that was kind of silly to stick his hand out to a dog that is outside.... Oh well, he is on pain medication, right????

Vicki gave me casserole cookbook and I have been struggling all morning which one to make for dinner tonight. They all look so yummy! We are definitely a casserole family... They are so easy to make and I love having the leftovers for lunches.... So will let you know which one wins out and will be first to try tonight. THANK YOU VICKI! You are the best...

Thought I would take Lucas out to lunch on our way home. He wanted to go to Red Robin for a burger. It was nice to just hang out with him. It is funny what kinds of things the boys want to talk about when they are alone with us one on one...

We made it home in time to get Jake from school and took him to lacrosse practice. Somehow, I have ended up with planning the end of the season party for the team. I just asked the coach if there was someone planning one - instead, I got - oh that is a great idea - let me know what you come up with.... So now I am searching for lacrosse medals for the players, collecting money from parents, reserving a pizza place, and putting together coaches gifts.... Oh and I am making the memory book for the 5th grade party coming up!!! Somehow I missed the planning meeting for that but they found me and asked if I would like to put that together.... Will be working on that this weekend and then going to take it to be copied. AHHHH!!!

After lacrosse, Tom picked up Jake and took him to Scouts. I came home and hung out with Lucas. Think I fell asleep on the couch sometime about 8:30....

Today - Lucas has his follow up appt from his surgery. I am hoping she gives him the go-ahead so he can go back to school tomorrow. They have a field trip to the zoo on friday, but I don't think he will go. That is a lot of walking and if he is not supposed to be doing PE for 2 weeks, probably shouldn't be walking the zoo. So will just keep him home that day. Hopefully though, he can at least go Weds/Thurs.

But I am looking forward to next weekend. This weekend, we have lacrosse game and yardwork. But the following, I am taking the weekend for a getaway. I am going to take the train to the big station of Tukwilla and hanging out with my buddy Vicki. I am hoping Katrina can come along too. Then we will stay the weekend at Vicki's house in Maple Valley. Saturday, we will drive to Anacortes, catch the ferry to Friday Harbor, and go whale watching.... Then head back to Vicki's. I will bring the train then home Sunday. Should be a great weekend.... relaxing and I will go someplace I have never been, Friday Harbor, and do something I have never done, whale watching! That is how I want to start this next decade of my life...

Well, the sleepyhead is finally awake. Lucas has been doing a lot of sleeping this past week. Must be hungry, I see an egg mixture going into the skillet. These boys sure like to cook...
That is a good thing.

So should get my day started. Enjoy your tuesday. We are supposed to have some warm temperatures end of this week - hope it doesn't get too hot... I don't like hot... But will love to see the sunshine!

Til next time...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

well, a little early anyway.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's day whether you are a mom, or not.

It isn't a big holiday around this house, that is for sure. But I am hoping to just spend the day at home and maybe do a little yardwork and maybe bake some cookies. I wanted to bake the other day, but didn't get to it.

I have been spending a lot of time around the house the past few days with Lucas. So today it was nice to be out though. I took Jake to his lacrosse game in West Linn. It was a good game even though they lost. The boys played well together against the other team that was so much bigger than them. After the game, I ran into Terri H. Her boys were going to be playing in the 7/8 game a little later. I couldn't believe how grown up her twin boys have gotten. Was great to see her for a quick catch up.

After the game we made a quick run to the store for taco chili supplies. When we got home, I started the chili in the crock pot and got back to work on some projects for HOTP.

It has been a long day... It is hard to have a saturday start at 6am. Jake has tried really hard to hang on through Indiana Jones, but he is snoring away on the couch. Lucas has been in quite a bit of pain yesterday and today. I think his pain meds started to kick in and he called it a night and went to bed. Think I may do the same.

Anyway, have a wonderful day tomorrow!
Til next time...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

we have made it home....

Well, Lucas is doing pretty well. So they let us go home. He was sitting up already before Tom left this am. He ate a big breakfast and was already starting the countdown to lunch... But all is good with his incision and pain was under control.

Looks like he is in some pain now though so better get him some meds and put him to bed for a while. It is good to be home though.

Til next time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

hello from peds recovery....

Well, we are here at the hospital with Lucas. Tom has his laptop here and looks like we have wi-fi so thought I would check in....

The surgery went well. It was a little delayed and took a bit longer than expected because she had to go deeper. He is a big guy. But all went well. He woke up hungry and has been wanting cheese pizza... Working him slowly on the food though. He is having some dinner now, but since he can't sit up, he has to be fed. Jake is actually feeding him now - I am thinking he is hoping that Lucas will be too full for his pie... I think there is some motive there. But actually Jake has been pretty good today. He walked right along Lucas as they were wheeling him around. These boys are actually pretty close even though they will never admit it.

Well, anyway, Tom and Jake are going to go get some dinner. So I better finish with dinner for Lucas. Visiting hours are over at nine so think Jake and I will head home then. Jake may not want to go home though as there is a game room down the hall....

But thanks for the phone calls today and well wishes. I am glad this part is over. Now to recoop.

Hugs to everyone!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

are we ready for this????

I am not sure...

Lucas' surgery is tomorrow. I took him yesterday for the pre-op registration and tour. It certainly made it all "real" for the two of us. My stomach has been in knots today. I think it is more than just Lucas though - I seem to have myself worked up in a tizzy about many things lately. It was just a bad day today for me. I got home today and by 6pm, I was thinking of just going to bed. Can't do that though just yet. I need to get stuff together for tomorrow.

Jake is going to skip school and stay with us at the hospital so he will need things to entertain himself. He is pretty wiped tonight. We skipped lacrosse practice even. His school overnight field trip was yesterday and that made for a tired boy today... Also need to get some things together for Tom - to keep him entertained. Looks like he even brought home his laptop from work... He is going to stay the night with Lucas. I will bring Jake home tomorrow night and get him off to school thursday and then trade places with Tom at the hospital. I will stay with Lucas then til he is discharged. Not sure what Lucas will be up to but going to take his game player, music and some movies.

Lucas seems to be ok with it all. But not really sure he knows what to expect. We check in tomorrow at 10:30 and surgery should be at 12:30. He will need to lay flat for 24 hours after so they were saying yesterday that he won't be up til about 3:30 thursday afternoon. Not sure then what time we will be released that evening.

So keep your fingers crossed that all goes ok. Tom and Lucas are off for dinner now - last good meal before not having anything to eat after midnight. Do these docs know how grumpy this boy gets when he doesn't eat???

Enjoy the rest of the evening then....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

weekend wrap-up...

Well, this weekend is almost over - again!  If anyone ever finds a way to slow down time, please share the secret.

Friday - ended up with Tom still employed.  So that was a good thing.  But he still does not feel comfortable.  I am not sure what is going on with him.  It is almost like he is waiting for it to happen instead of looking around - seriously.  The jobs he is finding are not local.  I want to stay LOCAL!!!  Anyway, keep your fingers crossed.  This added stress really is not needed or wanted in our lives right now.

Friday night, Lucas went to a birthday party/sleep over.  So he got about two hours sleep.....  Oh that just made him such a happy boy on saturday...

Weather was ok saturday am until we went to the lacrosse games at 1pm.  Poured during the games.  Jake had two back to back.  They lost the first one but won the second.  They needed a win.  This has been such a hard season so far and they were making some progress with working together and had a good game.

Saturday night - Jake had a friend over and they played the wii and watched a movie.  He didn't want a big bday party - just to hang with a friend.  So that was pretty easy to do..  He had a good time with his buddy.  It was funny to listen to the two of them talk.  They are so much alike - even down to the same hair style!  

That brings us to today.  Catch up day on laundry and finish up work projects.  Starting Wednesday, I am going to be off with Lucas and only working as I can so trying to get some things done prior.  We go tomorrow for our tour and pre-op registration so hopefully that means wednesday will be a go.

The sun is out so far and I hope that means it will just be a nice peaceful day!  Enjoy the day....

Til next time.

Friday, May 2, 2008

where has this week gone?

Wow, here it is another friday.  I am not sure where this week has gone again, but it is here.
 Today may be a good day, or it may not...  Tom is very nervous about his job situation and today something bad may happen.  So please keep your fingers crossed.  We just can not have him lose his job right now.  Things are hard enough as it is.


I did have a bright ray of sunshine yesterday though.  I got to have coffee with Paris and Shauna.  We met for bagels and oh what good bagels they are.  It was great to finally catch up with these gals and just visit over coffee and a yummy breakfast - maybe next time though they can not burn them around the edges.    I hope you gals had a good walk and you were able to get some rest yesterday, Shauna.  And I have that cell phone here if you want to switch your plan to that one...  Just let me know.  I totally understand about the technology challenged...

Well, Jake is off to the bus - now to get Lucas and I ready and out the door.   It is a 12 step process seems like...

So have a good friday, all.  Keep your fingers crossed that it is a good one!
Til next time...