Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hitting the road again.... or actually up into the air!

Well, I am heading off to Tulsa, OK tomorrow. 6 am is going to be here before I know it - so this will have to be somewhat of a short catch up. Well, actually, I need to be up much earlier than that - my flight is at 6.

Anyway, what has been happening around here....

Lucas had his 6 week post op last week. X-rays show bone growth is good and going as planned. He can stop using the crutches and work on working that leg again to full strength. He is walking with quite a limp because of that leg still being so weak. He uses the crutches now and then for stability. I can already see a difference with his foot turned back in -so that is good. He can't play football again this season. So the Coach he had when he played in 6th grade (who is also president of the league) asked Lucas to be on his coaching staff. I think he will learn more from this experience than if he played. He is really looking forward to that. He is hoping he will get a coaches hat and shirt... :) So we will be spending time at the football field again this season.

Jake is growing like a weed. It feels like he is taller every morning when he wakes up. Like he has a growth spurt when he sleeps. He has gone on some camping trips this summer with scouts. The latest trip was a 39 mile hike that Tom and Jake did around the Three Sisters in Sisters, OR. They had it planned to be a 5 day hike and they did it in 4. Think they just wanted to get home and shower! And to sleep on a real bed... Other than that, he has been a huge help this summer with mowing the lawn and doing things around the house and helping Lucas when he was still on crutches.

School is going to start in a couple weeks. I think the boys are actually looking forward to it. Better get buying those supplies. Only have paper and shoes so far!

Other than that - we are just doing our everyday thing. Speaking of which - I need to finish laundry and packing so better call it for now.

Til next time...