Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year...

so time to keep up with the blog again.... it has been so neglected. This just might be a resolution I can keep up with.

so today was a day filled with outings... I met up with friends for bagels where I often met Shauna for our playdates.

Sherry and I. She is such an amazing person that I am blessed to have her as a friend.

Then from the left, Paris, Sue, Shanna and I. Paris and Shanna: I met both online about 10 years ago. And Sue, I only met last week as we put programs together for Shauna's service. But because of Shauna - I know these beautiful souls and can call them friends.

Then Shanna and I stopped one more time at the cemetery to visit Shauna. SB was off to the airport so it was time for one more picture. Paris gave me the hat that I gave Shauna at the hat shower just before she started chemo and would lose her hair the first time. So it was appropriate to wear. Shauna looked much cuter in the hat than I did though.... But she was such a fighter I may just have to make this a regular hat for me... be perfect for set up days at the conventions this year....
I also had more tests today. MRI to look at the discs pinching the nerves in my back and an ultrasound on my thyroid. Should have results in a couple days. 2010 is going to be a good year, right? I keep telling myself that - I hope to believe it soon.

So now Lucas is waiting to teach me how to play some video game - probably because he can beat me.... But hey, if he wants to hang out with Mom - that is ok with me.

'Til next time....

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