Thursday, July 2, 2009

where did I leave off???

Well, looks like I have been away for awhile....

So time for another catch up post here on the blog...

Go back aways... The boys finished up school on the 12th. They ended up with an extra day to make up for snow days. Also on the morning of the 12th, we met with an attorney to look into an investigation about medical negligence. Not sure if we even have a case. But Lucas is facing a rough summer with this surgery and it may of been avoided. The slipped growth plate was missed in x-rays last January. Anyway, we will see what comes of that.

Then Tom and Jake went that weekend on a camp out with the boy scouts.

Then on the 20th - my brother and sis-in-law and Tom and I threw a surprise 50th anniversary party for our parents. They were starting to put things together but think we pulled off the surprise pretty well. Had a nice turn out. We had 2 roasted pigs and tons of food. Thanks to my aunts who helped bring salads and such. Lorraine did an awesome job on the slide show and so many other behind the scenes things... She is what made the event happen! Everyone seemed to have a nice time. Was great to see family and friends for a happy occasion.Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad.

On Father's Day, we went out to Hagg Lake. Tom and the boys went out in the canoe . We packed a picnic lunch and just had a nice afternoon at the lake.

On the 24th, Lucas had his surgery. (He didn't like me taking pictures while we waited.) They went in to correct the damage from the slipped growth plate. It was pretty extreme and he was supposed to be in the hospital til Friday. But he was in so much pain and didn't really have any time with the Physical Therapists to get ready to go home, so we ended up staying til Saturday. Thank goodness Tom and Jake didn't go hiking that weekend because I never would of been able to get him home by myself. Overall, he is doing pretty good though now. Pain seems to be under control and he isn't taking as many pain meds. Bored so trying to find things for him to do.. Seems like as soon as I get started doing something - he needs something.... How many weeks is this??? It has only been 1 week and 1 day and I feel like it has been a month.... Then to top it off, we are having a heat wave right now and my house is like an oven. Sleeping on a too short loveseat is doing me in and I have no patience... Not a good thing.Angie and Vicki sent him a cookie bouquet today. That perked up his morning. Thanks Girls!

Sorry - don't mean to whine... Just wiped out. So should probably just hang out in my scrap room - there is AC in there - just not a bed though. A good nap would hit the spot!

Anyway, will come back again with something good to say...

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