Tuesday, June 9, 2009

need to do an update....

Well, this blog has been neglected for some time....

Where do I begin?

We made it home from a wonderful weekend in Maple Valley over Memorial Day weekend. We stayed at my personal B&B - thank you so much, Vicki! You certainly spoiled us. Now Jake wants fresh strawberries and whipped cream on his toaster waffles in the morning! He thinks he is having belgium waffles... Don't tell him.

The pictures are a bit out of order - but think you will see that we had a great time...

We walked through the Pike Street Market after having lunch on the Pier. Ended up buying a salmon from the flying fish guys to bring home.
Of course, we went to the Space Needle.

The aquarium.
The flowers were so beautiful at Pike's Place - or is it Street????
We loved the otters at the aquarium - this guy was so cute just floating in the sun. He would even push himself off the rocks if he got too close...
Don't these just look yummy???
We went to Snoqualmie Falls. Very pretty spot - need to check into staying at that lodge sometime - off season.
The boys found some appropriate gear to wear.
They loved playing with Majic and the kitties at Vicki's.
Lucas says, "hats off to a good trip!"

We went to the Museum of Flight. That was very cool.

The boys even went in the simulator and got it backwards and upside down. I could hear Lucas inside saying - Whoa!

It was a wonderful trip with the boys. Just really didn't want to come home. But we had to....

After being home a day - almost had a trip to New York.... but ended up not going. Was kind of glad in the end because I then had another trip to Arlington, TX. Which I just got back from.

Sending out some birthday wishes this week. My sister in law, Lorraine - celebrated her birthday on Monday. My good friend, June - celebrated hers yesterday. And my brother, Mark - celebrates his on friday. So happy birthday to you all!

So stuff is keeping us busy around here... More to fill you in on but now I should be heading off to work. Will have to work on my update more later.

Have a good day.
Til next time....

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